Can Our Next President Be A Reality TV Star?


I know, many of you are sick of hearing about Donald Trump. While some of you can’t get enough. What a paradox in American pop culture and politics. Now clearly Mr. Trump is not the 1st celebrity to be elected to office (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, John Glenn, and the most famous of them all, Ronald Reagan to name just a few).

Why is Donald Trump leading the pack? What are the analytics telling us and what is just common sense? The polls I have read this weekend show that his lead is strengthening in several key categories including women, minorities and on the economy. The party of Republicans behind him including Jeb Bush are in an absolute free for all. The confusing part of this situation for most of the other candidates is they were born in a world of clean and fair fights. Donald Trump is the ultimate street fighter. Its like a boxer vs. an MMA fighter. While the pack is waiting for their opportunity to deliver a clean knockout blow to Trump, Trump keeps taking them down to the mat and elbowing them in the face until they are bloody and tap out.

When have you ever heard a front runner say about his opponent “doesn’t seem to have a lot of energy”, which is exactly what Trump pummeled Jeb Bush with this weekend. It got so bad, ole Jeb Bush looked like he wanted to call his mother Barbara to handle the bully, Trump! Incredible theater! Must watch TV. When 26 million Americans watch a debate this far from the Presidential elections, it says something! The stock market dropped 1,000 points today but then marginally bounced back. There are racial tensions in urban cities all over the country. Middle-class Americans aren’t sure of their futures and college students are saddled with school loan debt at a level we have never seen. So why do we turn to a Reality TV Star/businessman to help us?

The common sense answer is that Congress has been completely ineffective, has no trust by the electorate and most common people feel like the politicians are in it for themselves without regard for who put them there. Someone like Donald Trump, even with questionable views on some issues, comes across as a no non-sense guy who knows how to build jobs, infrastructure and a brand. The last part, the brand building, is actually the part I think is probably the most important and here is why. The American “brand” is broke, outdated and needs to be re-branded for the realities of today. How the international community views America is not how we were viewed just 10-15 years ago. In order for America to be the best brand in the world, we need to infuse a better view of the people, the country and our intentions. Can Trump do this? Who knows, but the facts are the facts in our need to brand build.

Now some think Donald Trump is a blowhard and a clown. I get that. But his role on The Apprentice and being a large employer has given him real life experiences with all kinds of people, ages, genders and races. He also knows how to grow wealth and build infrastructure. In a lot of ways he might be the least insulated billionaire you ever met. I am not saying you should or you shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump. Candidly, I don’t care. But what you should know is that Trump won’t be the last reality tv star running for office. Here are a few that just might as well:

* Will Robertson (Duck Dynasty)

* NeNe Leakes (Housewives)

* Bill Rancic (The Apprentice)

* Shaq (Shaq Vs.)

*Alton Brown (Food Network)

* Todd Chrisley (Chrisley Knows Best)

Regardless, Donald Trump will not be the last to fascinate America with their lives, their visions and their popularity. Sit back, grab some popcorn and a loved one because this political race is going to be fun to watch one way or another!