CelebExperts' Top 5 Categories Most Frequently Hiring Celebrity Spokespeople In 2015!


This isn’t a scientific analysis, just what is on my office white board. The type of celebrities being requested continues to be all over the place because each company has it’s own corporate culture and brand identification. Although the world of hiring celebrity spokespeople tends over time to be one of copy-catting, there are still unique factors that each company and their agency weighs when deciding who can best represent the brand to a core of consumers with a predisposition to buy their products.

The following are the top 5 industry categories in ascending order who are in search for a celebrity spokesperson via CelebExperts:

#5: Beverage (Sports/Energy Drink, Coconut Water, etc.)

#4: New social media platforms

#3:  Nutritional Supplements (powders, bars and pills)

#2:  Kinesiology Tape

#1: Wearable Technology

Honorable mention: Pain/Inflammation Reduction

If you are like me, I find this list fascinating, not just because of the breath of opportunity CelebExperts is working on but also the differentiation in size of the company/brands that we are working for and the unique differentiation between the type of celebrity in the same category being considered.

We are working with clients with celebrity talent budgets from $50,000 USD to over $1 million. While the economy is growing but is generally perceived as soft, the need for celebrities to tell a company or brand’s story has never been stronger. It is hard to imagine a legitimate company not considering a celebrity. Differentiation is absolutely essential for companies considering this strategy.

The fastest growing segment of companies coming to the table with dreams of brand building and ascending the ladder of market-share is crowdfunded companies. There are so many emerging brands that have access to revenue in droves through companies that allow for funding without giving up equity.

If your company, brand or agency’s client is in interested in hiring celebrity spokespeople or a social media influencer, contact me today at evan@celebexperts.com!