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On-line start up Adly ( is trying to make a splash in the world of celebrity endorsements. Is their service good or bad for prospective Celebrity talent buyers? I guess the answer is it just depends on what you do and what you need in the multi-billion dollar Celebrity Acquisition space.  Adly’s services focus on securing influencers via social media to “amplify” your current social media program, but with Adly it's using a “celebrity”.   The term Celebrity also is left up to the imagination because with Adly, an influencer can come in many flavors.  The word Celebrity is defined asREAD MORE
Iron Chef America
In one of the more interesting licensing deals, Scripps (parent company of The Food Network) has embarked on creating significantly higher value for its franchise TV shows, like Iron Chef America, by creating a licensing platform for companies to build product lines behind these famous TV shows, not personalities.  This divergence from the rest of the market-place who is obsessed with celebrities is interesting, not unique, but scratch-your-head interesting.  It would seem that the powers at Food Network are trying to have it both ways. On one-hand, they have built a huge business by hiring/booking and promoting some of theREAD MORE
Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty draws a bigger audience on its season finale than either CBS' Two and a Half Men, Hawaii Five-O or How I Met Your Mother does on their big splashy network shows! This should surprise no one! Reality TV shows such as Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Survivor, The Amazing Race and Chopped have killed traditional television programming. Network executes are scrambling to re-establish network tv as the place for advertisers to go for advertisers who are leaving in droves for cable programming they can own! Speaking of OWN, their tie-ins with major corporate sponsors such as P+G have providedREAD MORE