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rob gronkowski ads
Before you scream at me and say I am crazy, think about it… big men, boyish charm, moms and women love them, not sex symbols, dudes want to hang with them, the face of their sport in one way or another, geographically desirable, great family back stories (Shaq and his parents/dad who was ex-military and Gronk who does everything with his brothers who are his crew) and last but not least they are actually identified by one word: Gronk and Shaq. I call this the Cher effect! Basically if you can get away with being famous using some derivative ofREAD MORE
social media influencer campaigns
I must be candid with you. I do 5-10 calls a day with big and small brands. They are all asking the same question, "can I get a ROI by utilizing social media influencers or macro influencers?" The easy answer is, MAYBE! You must be saying to yourself why can’t I give you a definitive answer? And the reason is, that it's not so clear on what your vision is on ROI, what you are willing to spend around an influencer/micro influencer buy, and what your team of “experts” actually knows about customer acquisition. So the long answer is, I'mREAD MORE
book top keynote speakers
Are you looking to book top keynote speakers for upcoming events? You've come to the right place! Over the last year, CelebExperts has had the privilege of working with some absolutely phenomenal clients to book top keynote speakers for their events. We are a multi-faceted agency that focuses on several different areas of expertise: Booking Celebrity Speakers for Events Consulting Companies Big and Small on How to Use The Power of Celebrity to Market Brands & Products Securing Celebrity Spokespeople for Traditional & Digital Marketing Campaigns Building Social Media Influencer Marketing Initiatives with Big ROI The trick to all ofREAD MORE
If you regularly book speakers for events, you are familiar with the speaker search process of submitting a firm and legally binding offer to your desired speaker(s) to secure them for the event. What do you do if you submit a firm offer to your #1 choice and they decline? Then another firm offer falls through for your second choice… the immediate reaction is PANIC! Your event is quickly approaching. You feel like the window of opportunity is closing fast to secure a speaker that will resonate with your audience and build a buzz around your event. CelebExperts recently teamedREAD MORE
influencer posts driving sales
Social Media Influencer Posts Should Automatically Drive Sales, Right? That's if influencer posts ever really drove sales in the first place. And isn’t that the issue? Companies, huge multinational corporations have lost their shit and turned over massive amounts of their sales and marketing efforts to 20 something women who have ZERO background in selling and mostly a master’s degree in gaining attention to themselves. I get it. I'm a dinosaur, or so you would think. I run one of the most sophisticated influencer brand management and marketing programs in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jen Selter's world!READ MORE
evan morgenstein
Evan Morgenstein will participate in an entertainment marketing panel to discuss key insights into creating and leveraging unique avenues to monetize social media influencers and generating an ROI for brands. CelebExperts President & CEO Evan Morgenstein will be in Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday, July 19th, to speak at the 2018 Social Media All Day Conference. He will share his thoughts on how influencers and brands collaborate to develop and leverage content for a successful social media strategy. Morgenstein has a diverse background in talent representation, brand activation, sponsorship procurement, celebrity acquisition, licensing, and other areas revolving around the utilization ofREAD MORE
celebrity endorsed activewear
Celebrity endorsed activewear is dominating the marketplace! Where is the apparel industry and who is selling? Every day I hear tragic tales of companies being crushed by a retailer declaring bankruptcy and the manufacturer losing millions because they didn’t invest in inventory insurance. Brick and mortar is not dead, but it’s on life support. Malls were all the rage in the 80's and 90's. Now consumers don’t need to brave traffic jams, angry customers or sadly in some cases, mass shootings. The consumer is put off by the retail environment and prefers to purchase direct to consumer. So the largeREAD MORE
top sports speakers
Hire the Top Sports Speakers For Special Events & Conferences: It seems like every week I get 20-25 calls or emails from event managers, corporate communication specialist or agency executives asking me the same question, "who are the top Sports Speakers we can hire"? Now this is neither scientific or absolute. When an organization hires top Sports Speakers, there are many factors that go into that. Here are some tips to consider before I list my Top Sports Speakers for hire for your next event: Tip #5: Is your audience geographically specific? The reason this is important seems obvious enoughREAD MORE
jen selter
When I met Jen and her family almost three years ago I knew she was someone special and had something unique about her. What I didn't know at the time is that Jen Selter is building one of the most important brands in fitness and lifestyle. If you don't know Jen Selter, that's ok. I already know all about you. You are 35-60 years old. Instagram is a place you take pictures of things that only matter to you and you spend more time in the shower than social media. Sound like you? If you know who Jen Selter is,READ MORE
hire espn personalities
ESPN is not your father's sports channel anymore! I remember when Bob Ley, Charlie Steiner, Chris Berman, Beano Cooke and Dick Vitale ruled the airwaves of this new channel on my cable box which was brown with a not so long wire. I remember the guy that came into my parent's house to bring the outside world of cable TV and ESPN to my home. It was incredible. It still is! Back in it's infancy, it didn't matter what was on ESPN, it was must see TV because there was virtually n competition. I became the center of my attentionREAD MORE
social media influencers
What is the best way to utilize a social media influencer? Curse at me all you want. Tell me about the one or two good results you have had recently. I am here to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. Affiliate programs with micro social media influencers went the way of the dinosaurs! EXTINCT! DEAD! Yes, it sucks I know but it is true. I concede that programs using micro-influencers may still produce % victories but who the hell has patience for 3,500 mom content creators (PC for mommy bloggers) to take their 9,000 readers and returnREAD MORE
Social Media Star vs. Micro-Influencers:  The best way to start this conversation about social media stars vs. micro-influencers is with an acknowledgement that yes, size does matter. Both big and small. At CelebExperts, we consult so many emerging start-up companies and brands that are constantly asking us how to gain traction, branding and sales for their upcoming campaigns? I don't consider CelebExperts to be a "social media agency", yet there is no question that our experiences have given us insights that even the most long in tooth social media shops don't have. I consider the question about Social Media StarREAD MORE
celebrity speaker
CelebExperts Breaks Down the Cost of A Celebrity Speaker This is the #1 question that I get everyday from prospective clients that reach out to my company CelebExperts from all over the world. "How much" is the rallying cry of the uninformed. And I have built a business on answering just that question. When it comes to the Celebrity speaker genre, it is completely commoditized at this point. What does that mean exactly? Well, unlike buying a page of advertising for People Magazine where there is a "rate card", when it comes to buying Celebrities it isn't always something thatREAD MORE
make millennials good salespeople
The simple answer is, it's not easy! There are so many great industries that have a significant need for a great salesperson. You know what that person looks like. Confident, educated, willing to learn, takes direction well. OK, so I just defined the "anti-millennial". Millennials distrust companies, don't like being told what to do, want to learn as act of organic nature, they disrupt industries, like to hack stuff and lastly amongst all other look at their phone as a friend not a tool for financial success. Sure they utilize it every second of every day as their primary communicationREAD MORE
hire social media star
Ok, OK Disclaimer! I SELL CELEBRITIES AND SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS FOR A LIVING! Who gives a shit. I have no conflict of interest anymore than a cardiologist does in promoting a low fat, low sugar, low sodium meal plan! Everyone has to stop with the bullshit about spending more time on motive and less time on what is being said! Here is what I know and can prove: I have spent 22+ years working with small businesses, emerging companies and now crowdfunded start-ups that are looking to differentiate and excel at revenue generation. Having a spokesperson who is a celebrityREAD MORE