Inspiring, No-Holds-Barred Podcast Launches With Iconic Entrepreneurs Wednesday March 9th

CelebExperts CEO Evan Morgenstein has announced the launch of a new weekly podcast series, CEO Powercast, premiering Wednesday, March 9, 2016.

Each week, Morgenstein will be joined by business partner and successful entrepreneur Charlie Fusco as well as an array of iconic CEO’s, leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs who will share insights and compelling stories weighing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

From maintaining a positive lifestyle outside of the office to marketing strategies that drive ROI, the CEO Powercast provides something everyone can take with them. Morgenstein and Fusco have created an interactive social business platform for any businessperson looking for answers, knowledge and direction. Morgenstein describes the new podcast as “one part education, one part barroom brawl wrapped into a great listen—all to inspire the everyday CEO.”

“I have spent my career working to share the best tips and information that I have been fortunate enough to acquire. Now Charlie and I can do that through our podcast to a large audience of CEO’s and entrepreneurs,” commented Morgenstein.

Together, Morgenstein and Synergixx CEO Charlie Fusco have over 40 years of experience running their own successful businesses. Fusco brings an informative counterbalance to the show after years spent producing TV and radio in addition to consulting companies on marketing & branding strategies. She looks forward to building a community of entrepreneurs and CEOs who care about great business as much as they care about great family and great personal growth.

“Busy CEOs share the same get to the bottom line needs, so that is exactly what the CEO Powercast will deliver,” said Fusco. “The podcast is designed as if you were picking the brains of fellow entrepreneurs, packed with punches of challenging inquiry, humor and reality.”

The CEO Powercast will be available via iTunes and LinkedIn beginning Wednesday, March 9, 2016. For more information on the upcoming podcast series, visit http://www.ceopowercast.com.