How Do You Know When To Partner With Another Company?


I am asked this all the time because I tend to partner with a lot of companies and have most of my career. Having been trained early on in my career at several IBM owned companies, I learned about the value of true partnerships and what those partnerships can provide each vested party.

My firm CelebExperts recently announced a partnership with one of the most unique technology and software companies focused on utilizing bloggers, social media influencers and celebrities to assist brands deliver their messaging, named FindYourInfluence. I became aware of them via a very basic talent search and I spent the time reading their well written, informative website, not just processing the order.

I find that too few executives and newbies alike don’t take the time to research who they are speaking to. It is only about closing the deal. This is a major loss and costs companies opportunity and money because educated, well versed marketers are lethal. Salespeople who are addicted to throwing their lame ass game around just doesn’t cut it!

@Findyourinfluence and @CelebExperts sent a pressrelease out last week and it has been incredible the response it has garnered. I have over 4,000 people that read my post or have access to it. I heard from people I knew and people I don’t. Regardless, the positive feedback has been unbelievable! That is always a great sign that a partnership has legs.

Additionally, a good partnership accomplishes something. The reason to go into a partnership should never be to generate incremental revenue alone. That may well be the consequence of a well planned partnership. I look to expand my company’s offerings and expose it to a market-place that we may not even be aware exists. Conversely, we hope we bring a big ladder that helps our partners elevate their positioning in its endemic market because of our strengths and experience.

There are learning curves and corporate cultures that will forever need to be integrated. But I find that part of the allure to a great partnership. In fact, if you are really smart and listen more than you talk, you just might learn something new.

About CelebExperts

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