super bowl advertisement

Is your brand missing a golden opportunity to have an NFL player post for you during the Super Bowl?

All I can say is the last two weeks have been insane with requests from companies and brands to hire NFL players both current and retired to use their social media to impact their fan base! Some clients of CelebExperts have gorgeous video content that they want seen by the maximum number of consumers. Some want the athlete to create their own picture or video content to engage their fanbase.

The Super Bowl advertisement requests are coming in from start-ups to some of the biggest companies in the world. Retailers, sports drinks, seasonal marketers, massive CPG’s and the list goes on and on! The Super Bowl isn’t like any other sports and entertainment event. It is the sun to all the other planets and moons! What happens at the Super Bowl, does not stay at the Super Bowl! It is a global social phenom with no peers. While the Olympics are close, they aggregate a huge audience over 2 weeks. The Super Bowl implodes on one day, winner take all in the battle of the titans (or in this case the Panthers vs. Broncos).

What I find so interesting is how social media has created an absolute orgy for sports agents that rep NFL players. They are all looking for some extra scratch and this surge of activity has turned talent acquisition into a sand storm of opportunity. Every day we get closer to the big event, prices are going down. Where as a week ago, most agents were arrogant and completely self enthralled, now I am getting calls and e-mails asking “your client still interested in such and such player of mine”? Well, Mr. Agent, that over inflated price you gave me might have just cost you and your client the deal. Unless you cut the price in half and give me two tweets and a post on Facebook! OOOOPS!

I love the horse trading that goes on! It is so exciting and the great part of this is everyone gets what they want. I want happy customers and some incremental revenue, the client wants exposure and to turn consumers into customers, the sports agent wants the cash for their clients and the fan gets to engage in new and interesting content that makes their NFL fav relevant! #Nirvana.

Remember, the big game and the opportunity to utilize an NFL player goes all the way through the Monday after the Super Bowl, so if you haven’t made up your mind or need some quick and inexpensive consultation on how to buy talent, contact me ASAP! We have a huge database with fees, agents ready to help and a knowledge base second to none!

So don’t let your competitors beat you to it, email me at! The Super Bowl will never be the same if you have some chips in the game!