Which Platform Should You Execute with Your Celebrity Influencer?


This is one of the most perplexing questions being discussed by companies and their agencies on a daily basis regarding utilization of celebrity social media stars. Should you focus on a celebrity influencer on Vine? Twitter? Instagram? Periscope? Facebook? Snap Chat? YouTube? And who should your celebrity social media influencer be?

Tough questions that need to be broken down into several categories:

1. What is your overall objective?  Brand?  Sell product?  Create Impressions?

2. What is your data telling you about your consumer buying habits?

3. Where is your core consumer absorbing new content via social media?

4. Where are your agencies finding efficiencies in your ad buys?

5. Are you looking for one celebrity social media influencer or a team of brand ambassadors?

Additionally, most social media stars have an inequitable distribution of followers under one platform, but are you interested in the sum of all of their platforms?  As an example, Vine Star Jessi Smiles has the following portfolio:

* Vine 3.6 million Followers,

* YouTube 118k subscribers

*Twitter 193k Followers

* Instagram 370k Followers

Clearly, Jessi is dominant on Vine yet has decent numbers following her across her other platforms.  Jessi aggregates roughly 5+million followers.   So do you buy the asset she is dominant in (Vine) or do you utilize all of her platforms to impact her audience even if there is some overlap?

Good question.  I prefer to consult my clients on buying and branding across the sum of all of the social media influencer’s parts.  The incremental cost if any, will be nominal because the true value, therefore cost will come from the acquisition of the influencer’s main platform and what you plan on doing with the influencer.

Knowing how to best leverage a celebrity social media star is sometimes listening to others.  Not necessarily your Team, your agency or your boss.  Sometimes, you should listen to the influencer themselves.  Having worked with Jen Selter on several projects, what I find most amazing about her is the complete and absolute knowledge of how to build a community and how to get them discussing a topic, product or brand.

Jen at 21 is a genius when it comes to building an audience and keeping them engaged.  I always find it interesting when “digital asset managers” are introduced at meetings or after the fact when we solidify a celebrity social media influencer for a campaign and they have no followers and can’t really speak to building a following that converts.  They talk the talk.  Beware of middle aged white men who talk about their long history in technology as an entre’ to working on your social media build out.

I have heard it a million times about their experience but at the end of the day, give me a Vine star like Jessi or an Instagram maven like Jen to guide me on winning!

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