Celebrity Chefs: How much to hire a Celebrity Chef and are they available for my event?

As an agency that specializes in assisting companies, brands, events and organizations in hiring or booking a Celebrity Chef, the 2 most asked questions are always: 1. How much is the cost to book a celebrity chef and 2. Is the Celebrity Chef available for my next event? Candidly, that is exactly why we started Celebrity Chef Network to help quick facilitate fees and availabilities so you have enough time to adequately market and promote your next event feature one of the 1000+ Celebrity Chefs we have featured on our website.

Typically, a talent buyer interested in hiring a Celebrity Chef has multiple personalities which interests them.  So, in addition to getting fees for Celebrity Chefs, we also give you a plethora of incremental Celebrity Chefs to hire in every category including Celebrity Chefs’ that own restaurants, Celebrity Chefs that are on a TV show, Celebrity chefs that have a cookbook out, Celebrity Chefs that have a NY Times best seller, etc.  The sophistication of the Celebrity Chef Network database makes it easy for the Company’s team of highly trained talent bookers to assist in helping every event finding the perfect Celebrity Chef to book and executing flawlessly while providing a special experience to all of the attendees.

Celebrity Chef Network is contacted globally and asked many of the same questions you might have including:

*Where is the Celebrity Chef based?

*Will they cook on-site for our guests?

*Do they have a cookbook we can buy to have the Celebrity Chef sign?

*Can our guests get a picture with the Celebrity Chef?

*Can the Celebrity Chef post on their social media platforms?

*Will the Celebrity Chef create the menu and can the client have input?

*Does the Celebrity Chef bring a sous-chef?

*Is the Celebrity Chef’s fee negotiable?

*Will the Celebrity Chef do a travel buy-out?

And hundreds of other questions that the Celebrity Chef Network staff is trained on getting these answers quickly and with a high level of accuracy which makes this process stress-free!

The process of hiring a Celebrity Chef is time consuming but that is done in the background by the Celebrity Chef Network team.  They handle all aspects of this booking which reduces the need of the Talent buyer’s team to be so strapped for time and involved in the minutia.  Since the fees to hire a Celebrity Chef fluctuate based on many factors, it is imperative that our team works with you on deciding a budget so we can effectively work on Celebrity Chefs in that budget.

So as an example:

Sample Budget: $27,500

Agency fee: 20%

Travel buyout: $6,000

Books: $14 x 200 books

Hotel, ground and per diem

So for this budget you aren’t going to afford an iconic Celebrity Chef such as Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsey, Michael Symon, Guy Fieri and many other top Celebrity Chefs that get six figures, you can afford to get a top cookbook author, a contestant/winner from Top Chef or Last Chef standing.  In some cases, you might even be able to afford a Celebrity Chef from Chopped.  It is so important to have realistic goals.  We understand your desire to have a big name we just need to counsel you on what’s realistic as to not waste time.

When a company, event or organization is searching for a top chef to book and/or hire to be the highlight of their event, partnering with experts in booking Celebrity Chef Talent is our sweet spot.  If you are interested in a FREE consultation click here and share some details and one of our experts will contact you back immediately.