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Macro Brands

With COVID underway and the need for digital content, Smithfield enlisted The Food Renegades and CE to create their first ever TikTok launch. Knowing the world was in a difficult place, the campaign focused on doing good and donating meals for Feeding America. Every video entry into the #goodfoodchallenge was a meal for someone in need It was so successful that the brands decided to unveil a second campaign which took place in August of 2020 and another in the winter. Results: The #goodfoodchallenge led to over 41,000 tuning into a live TikTok event 10 Million hashtag views and 10
  To celebrate Chips Ahoy  60th Birthday, Mondelez decided to completely shift from television ads to digital media With a goal of engaging with Gen. Z, Chips Ahoy organized a 3 day birthday celebration with Chips Ahoy on a Chips Ahoy themed yacht. Captain Sandy ‘christened’ the Yacht prior to hitting the seas to celebrate and created content for her socials as well as Chips Ahoy social media. Results: Over 1.1 billion impressions and pickup from 18+ news outlets Incredible engagement with Gen. Z and Millenials across social media Content for Chips Ahoy to help build their presence on Social
Jen Selter Stars in Guess Activewear
TEXT: VALERIE STEPANOVA Kicking off the Spring 2021 season in proper style and form, GUESS launches their brand new Activewear range — and this time, the iconic denim and lifestyle retailer enlisted no other than Jen Selter to represent their newest collection. The OG in social media fitness, she began her career as a teenager posting pictures on several social media platforms including Instagram, which at the time was new and virtually unknown. Eventually, she managed to bring together the next generation of mighty young women through her diligence and commitment to uplifting her social media followers. Looking back at
Food Renegades Meat the World, One Bite at a Time WASHINGTON, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the rest of the world completes another trip around the sun, The North American Meat Institute (NAMI), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, will be taking consumers' taste buds on a trip around the world.  There's no need to book tickets or pack a suitcase for this excursion.  From the holidays to the end of January, this virtual TikTok adventure will celebrate favorite prepared beef dishes from around the world. To facilitate this culinary journey, the Meat Institute is partnering with The Food Renegades a
National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Beef Checkoff Teamed with Food Renegades to Celebrate National Hot Dog Month WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- July's National Hot Dog Month may be over, but millions are still relishing the delicious beef hot dog recipes developed by the Food Renegades, a division of The Digital Renegades a digital marketing agency and a chef alliance on TikTok, in partnership with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) and Beef Checkoff. The 40 unique recipes and fun facts about hot dogs, shared on TikTok each #WienerWednesday in July, were viewed more than 27 million times, generating
The Digital Renegades partnered with QVC and two of our own Food Renegades chefs to sell a Grill and Air Fryer through a one day flash sale. The talent included Erica Kuiper and Tara Ippolito who have a collaborative following of over three million. The first ever TikTok campaign for QVC resulted in impressive social interaction and sales. The QVC campaign consisted of one TikTok post shared on Instagram as well with using the hashtag, #HSNInfluencer. An impact radius affiliate link and a swipe up link in the talent’s bio also helped to promote the products. The QVC campaign resulted
Challenge: Microsoft recently launched its new Windows 8.1 platform with the preloaded “Food & Drink” app, which would be installed on new Windows products. Microsoft determined that its Windows demographic matched perfectly with that of the food and drink space. Microsoft curated a culinary experience with world-renowned chefs alongside the launch of the new app. CelebExperts was hired to secure world class celebrity chefs, publishing rights, and bloggers to help create the largest online food, drink and recipe app in the world. CelebExperts secured 18 of the most famous chefs in the world, including Wolfgang Puck, Marcus Samuelsson, and Tom Colicchio. Once