QVC Case Study

The Digital Renegades partnered with QVC and two of our own Food Renegades chefs to sell a Grill and Air Fryer through a one day flash sale. The talent included Erica Kuiper and Tara Ippolito who have a collaborative following of over three million. The first ever TikTok campaign for QVC resulted in impressive social interaction and sales.

The QVC campaign consisted of one TikTok post shared on Instagram as well with using the hashtag, #HSNInfluencer. An impact radius affiliate link and a swipe up link in the talent’s bio also helped to promote the products. The QVC campaign resulted in huge sales with a total sales of $2,417. The investment vs ROI lead to Erica with $70/$1770 and Tara with $750/$647.

The key takeaways of this to be a successful campaign proved that TikTok audiences do buy products promoted on the platform. This campaign succeeded because of the combined final sale of nearly 35 semi expensive products across one week with a TikTok audience that is viewed as too young or those who don’t have the financial means to buy the products. The influencers both went above and beyond the scope of the work with additional posts and lives.

Below are included the link to each post made by each influencer, along with their following.

Tara Ippolito


Followers: 625.9 k

Erica Kuiper


Followers: 495.0 k