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There is no question that Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. With over 36 million active players, the alternative to sports like tennis and others that create a real social fitness environment has blown up in the U.S.  The demographics of Pickleball continue to shift and become more inclusive as the gear market continues to expand and prices come down making it affordable for most segments of the American sports and fitness market-place. Below are some key demographics shared by Pickleheads with a look into the size and strength of this exploding market. The key metric above is
CE developed a robust campaign to make the most out of bringing on one of the top influencers in the world at that time BlendJet acquired Jen Selter with a following of 40 million+ to raise brand awareness and revenue From developing creative, securing media and handling in-person activations at events like FitExpo and beyond, Jen became the face of BlendJet Jen became a conduit to building a micro influencer campaign and social selling beyond any affiliate program
Azuna is an all natural plant based odor eliminator hired by CelebExperts to handle not only their influencer network but also their celebrity and athlete endorsements. With the goal of reaching real estate agents to encourage realtors to give Azuna as a closing gift and stress the necessity of it for new homers, CE sourced, vetted and negotiated with one of the most influential realtors in the US. With a social following of over 4.2 million and a fan favorite from the hit Netflix TV show Selling Sunset, CelebExperts targeted Heather Rae El Moussa as the celebrity to lead these
With Being more Healthy being a dominant New Years’ resolution, influencers have the unique opportunity to expand their campaigns throughout the year.    With 2021 coming to a close, people have created various New Years’ resolutions pertaining to being healthy. Whether that means eating healthier, participating in intermittent fasting, or working out more, brands are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors in getting consumers to choose their products. As occurred in 2021, brands will continue to recognize the high engagement as well as brand awareness that can be raised when promoting their products through social media
The Digital Renegades created a community with four of the top TikTok creators across multiple categories to be in a partnership with BlendJet through our single agency. The talent included Cassidy Thompson, Lauren Bowers, Jordyn Trenholm and Nicole Renard. They had a collaborative following of over 15 million followers. This campaign with BlendJet reached over 7.1 million views across all four full-length videos following the initial post. The BlendJet campaign consisted of one post with a link in the bio along with a discount code of 12% off the retail price of $40. The BlendJet campaign resulted in impressive sales