Azuna x Multi Tier Influencer, Athlete, and Celebrity Programing

Azuna is an all natural plant based odor eliminator hired by CelebExperts to handle not only their influencer network but also their celebrity and athlete endorsements. With the goal of reaching real estate agents to encourage realtors to give Azuna as a closing gift and stress the necessity of it for new homers, CE sourced, vetted and negotiated with one of the most influential realtors in the US.

With a social following of over 4.2 million and a fan favorite from the hit Netflix TV show Selling Sunset, CelebExperts targeted Heather Rae El Moussa as the celebrity to lead these messaging efforts. While Heather’s audience is very involved with Real Estate in following her new listings via socials and also in being a fan of the TV show, her audience also is very focused on the health and wellness space which Azuna was looking to market to as well. Heather is currently in the midst of launching her new HGTV show as well, which kept her audience engaged with all her content during this time in hopes for new announcements here.

In addition to reaching the realty demographic, another goal of Azuna was to raise brand awareness among the general population. With this in mind, and Azuna being a sports centric brand sponsoring the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, CE targeted Tommy DeVito who was dominating the sports headlines as he emerged as the Giants starter after injuries to Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor.

While Tommy did gain media recognition for unexpectedly winning 3 games in a row as a starter, Tommy’s fame came from his unique story of living at home with his family and upholding his traditional Italian values (hence his famous chef’s kiss celebration) while being a starter. During every game, you could count on the networks showing Tommy’s family on the broadcast, and people couldn’t get enough of it.

With the storyline of living at home, CelebExperts contracted Tommy in the midst of his breakout play and developed the creative of his mom placing Azuna in his room while he was off “at work” (practice with the Giants). In order to capitilize on the momentum Tommy was gaining both on social media and media outlets, CE not only negotiated but contracted and had activated in less than a week.

CE’s role in Azuna’s endorsements with Heather Rae and Tommy DeVito is as follows:

  • Identifying Talent as a potential fit for Azuna
  • Analysis of Talent’s audience and negotiation of rates, usages and deliverables
  • Contracting influencer and creating creative for collaboration
  • Ensuring the activation ran smoothly from start to finish

Danielle Brown, HealthyGirl Kitchen, Revenue Driving Influencer Program

Vegan and lifestyle creator Danielle Brown with over nine million followers lead the plant based group creating new opportunities and brand awareness

Multi Tier Influencer Program Results: 

  • CelebExperts lead all tiers of the Azuna’s influencer program which has driven millions of dollars in sales  
  • Via organic and whitelisting, the Company expanded rapidly expanding brand awareness and increasing revenue substantially

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