Azuna Fresh Signs with CelebExperts to Handle all Influencer Acquisitions and Campaigns

Azuna Fresh (, a whole home all-natural indoor air odor eliminator out of Buffalo, NY, has chosen digital and influencer marketing agency CelebExperts ( to handle influencer acquisition, planning, influencer driven e-commerce and activation. Azuna Fresh, which is manufactured in the United States,has exploded in the all- natural air freshener and cleaner market. Its focus is to purify the air, not just mask odor as its competitors do.

CEO and founder of Azuna Fresh Scott Dancy discussed his vision for utilizing social media and influencers, “I’ve had a lot of experience working with influencers. It is definitely not a science. We used to view creators based on sheer numbers and demographics. It’s much more sophisticated than that.

In addition to the home products, Azuna Fresh has expanded to the boating industry with its newest product TT/Marine with partner Captain Sandy Yawn. TT/Marine was Captain Sandy and Dancy’s brainchild for going after the multi-billion dollar boating and marine industry which has suffered from bacteria and mold issues for years. CelebExperts will be running the social media marketing for all Azuna products including sprays, cleaning wipes, gels etc.

CelebExperts’s CEO and Founder Evan Morgenstein has a vision for this partnership, “We have known Scott and his team for over two years. We understand the corporate culture and relate to Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside CelebExpert’s President Christina Brennan, we will develop the social media and influencer strategy to bring millions of consumers into the Azuna Fresh community. We see the 5 star testimonials and know Azuna Fresh works. CelebExperts will be focusing on influencers with followings between 250,000 and two million followers with an 80% US female audience to best market Azuna and drive transactions. Our goal is to double the number of consumers to well over one million by year’s end”.

If you are having trouble with influencer campaigns or don’t know where to start, contact Evan Morgenstein to see how we can help.