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Celebrity Campaigns

speaker booking agency
What’s in a name? When it comes to booking the best keynote speakers for events, name-recognition is almost always one of the first things our clients mention. They want someone with cache who will generate a buzz around their event. But when it comes to leaving a lasting impact on your audience on site, you need a speaker with more than just name recognition. You need someone who will resonate with your audience, align their messaging with your overarching event theme, and give the audience tangible takeaways they can employ in their work and life immediately. Unfortunately, this is notREAD MORE
rob gronkowski ads
Before you scream at me and say I am crazy, think about it… big men, boyish charm, moms and women love them, not sex symbols, dudes want to hang with them, the face of their sport in one way or another, geographically desirable, great family back stories (Shaq and his parents/dad who was ex-military and Gronk who does everything with his brothers who are his crew) and last but not least they are actually identified by one word: Gronk and Shaq. I call this the Cher effect! Basically if you can get away with being famous using some derivative ofREAD MORE
social media influencer campaigns
I must be candid with you. I do 5-10 calls a day with big and small brands. They are all asking the same question, "can I get a ROI by utilizing social media influencers or macro influencers?" The easy answer is, MAYBE! You must be saying to yourself why can’t I give you a definitive answer? And the reason is, that it's not so clear on what your vision is on ROI, what you are willing to spend around an influencer/micro influencer buy, and what your team of “experts” actually knows about customer acquisition. So the long answer is, I'mREAD MORE
speaker fees
So you want to hire a personality who will make your event stand out above the rest and provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your audience to gain knowledge from some of the most well-known creators and innovators of the 21st century. You want the best of the best, but that's easier said than done in today's booming market for speakers. It's a sellers market, and with a high profile celebrity speaker comes equally high speaker fees. CelebExperts recently worked with the International Advertising Association (IAA Global) to secure a high-profile name for their annual conference in Bucharest, Romania. Booking the mostREAD MORE
If you regularly book speakers for events, you are familiar with the speaker search process of submitting a firm and legally binding offer to your desired speaker(s) to secure them for the event. What do you do if you submit a firm offer to your #1 choice and they decline? Then another firm offer falls through for your second choice… the immediate reaction is PANIC! Your event is quickly approaching. You feel like the window of opportunity is closing fast to secure a speaker that will resonate with your audience and build a buzz around your event. CelebExperts recently teamedREAD MORE
booking multiple speakers
Booking multiple speakers for events is not just as simple as finding talent and executing a contract. The search process alone can take considerable time. Once you’ve booked your speaker, now it’s your responsibility to connect the logistical dots. You have to make sure your speaker is where they need to be on event day, informed of your event goals, and fully prepared to deliver a poignant message to your group. If you are booking multiple speakers for your event, your workload just doubled… tripled… quadrupled! Mass media company Thomson Reuters recently contacted CelebExperts to book 3 celebrity chefs forREAD MORE
Inergetics, a leading supplement and vitamin manufacturer, was launching a new weight loss product called Bikini Ready and engaged CelebExperts to provide strategic talent consultation. Bikini Ready targets women 20-45 years old in two distinct demographics – post-college graduate women and moms. Inergetics provided additional guidelines for the ideal brand ambassador including: An aspirational woman An athlete who needed to be in a bikini A mom A women that competed in a sport that was considered fresh, cool and fun. The CelebExperts team started mapping out and vetting Talent options for athletes in three ‘bikini’ sports: Swimming Beach Volleyball SurfingREAD MORE
TITIN Tech is a premier manufacturer of compression weighted vests and shorts that assists in helping athletes improve their performance, as well as health and fitness for the public. TITIN Tech had over 40 spokespeople across 25 different sports. Most of them were providing no benefit to the company, and only their picture on the corporate website was being utilized. TITIN Tech was sending out free product to hundreds of potential spokespeople with no process to secure the athletes, their assets, nor ways to utilize their endorsements. CelebExperts was hired to manage existing spokespeople, weed out the ones that provided noREAD MORE
Challenge: Microsoft recently launched its new Windows 8.1 platform with the preloaded “Food & Drink” app, which would be installed on new Windows products. Microsoft determined that its Windows demographic matched perfectly with that of the food and drink space. Microsoft curated a culinary experience with world-renowned chefs alongside the launch of the new app. CelebExperts was hired to secure world class celebrity chefs, publishing rights, and bloggers to help create the largest online food, drink and recipe app in the world. CelebExperts secured 18 of the most famous chefs in the world, including Wolfgang Puck, Marcus Samuelsson, and Tom Colicchio. OnceREAD MORE
Day in and day out, your local Firefighters work hard to keep your community safe and in doing so they work up quite an appetite! Steak-umm knew that firefighters would be the perfect test group to try its new and improved meat products after recent rebranding efforts. Steak-umm challenged firefighters to use Steak-umm products to create original recipes and submit them to the “Steak-umm Firehouse Challenge.” What better way to share the 100% meat of Steak-umm products than with firefighters who give 100% every single day? Fans voted on their favorite recipes and for each vote, Steak-umm donated ten centsREAD MORE
HPL/Puresport who manufactures both powdered sports drinks and recovery products, retained CelebExperts to evaluate its pre-Olympic execution with spokesperson Olympic icon, Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin and Aaron Peirsol. HPL was all in with Olympic athletes, was struggling to find retail distribution, and weighted heavily toward Olympic swimmers. The evaluation by CelebExperts was centered on whether or not HPL could effectively gain market share with a consumer facing line up of Olympic Gold Medalists exclusively? Analysis HPL needed help with its continuity between sales, marketing and branding. The Celebrity athlete spokespeople were infrequently asked to use their social media (Michael PhelpsREAD MORE
social media stars
How To Utilize Social Media Stars in the New Digital Age We get 3-5 new account leads every day. Usually from emerging companies contacting us to help execute a social media influencer campaign with social media stars. They are looking for someone with a large follower base in a certain demographic. Their goal is to influence their follower base to be consumers of the contract company’s product or services. The vast array of products range from supplements to skincare, from inflatable swans to haircare, from jewelry to healthy home delivered meal choices, from activewear to energy bars and on and onREAD MORE
footwear and apparel marketing
If you had to pick one company that was resurrecting their brand from the sea of mediocrity to being a player in the game, who would that be? The footwear and active apparel industry is as hotly contested as the beverage or auto industry. You have mega iconic brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Ford and Chevy. You have the goliaths of the world as well. The Tesla’s and Puma.   That’s right Puma! The German footwear and apparel company has long rode the coat tails of Olympic icon Usain Bolt to deliver its global message. Bolt has clearly been magicalREAD MORE
Amongst one of the most influential and powerful celebrities worldwide, Oprah Winfrey just stepped up and changed celebrity endorsement deals in a way very few have times 70,000,000! Most brands and their agencies when vetting a potential alignment with a celebrity, go about many traditional means including polling, analytics, social media evaluation and many other key contributing factors. Once the noodle is run through the soup, what comes out is confirmation or rejection. You only have two choices when it comes to a celebrity. Even with a 97% recognition by consumers according to TMA and #18 ranking on a measurementREAD MORE
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