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Celebrity Campaigns

With Derek Jeter goes the end of an era! In a recent Nike Jordan brand commercial called Re2pect, it is clear that Derek Jeter (any New Yorker can hear the echoing call of his name from former Yankee announcer Bob Sheppard), is different.  No, not just because he is a 40 year old playing a boys game.  No, not because his career has spanned over one of the most harmful eras in sport’s history because of the explosion of PEDs.  I think it is more tied to Jeter’s steely determination to win at all costs while still respecting the opponentsREAD MORE
Celebrity endorsement deals in the health and beauty industry are not a new phenomenon or even particularly unique, however, when a celebrity spokesperson extends their relationship from haircare to skincare, that is uncommon. Fey will be adding on to her role as spokesperson for Garnier’s Nutrisse hair color as the face of Garnier’s latest skincare line set to debut in stores this month. The original haircare deal was inked in 2011 when Fey was hired as the featured celebrity spokesperson to help focus their marketing efforts towards suburban women and moms. It is Tina Fey’s “girl next door” persona which enablesREAD MORE
Interesting question.  As I read Publicis’ CEO Maurice Levy’s comments about two infamous selfies, The Oscars and Ellen DeGeneres and The White House with President Obama and Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz I am beginning to think this might be a good thing taken too far.  Mr. Levy values the Oscar selfie at $1,000,000,000 in value based on the social media views which were roughly the same as the total global viewership (37 mil vs 43 mil). The Oscars’ selfie which featured Ms. DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Kevin Spacey, to name aREAD MORE
Express, long thought of as one of America’s most mainstream apparel retailers has changed course and signed their first celebrity spokesperson in over a decade, supermodel Kate Upton!  Upton who has graced most every globally iconic magazine including Vogue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar and many others has become incredibly well liked by the everyday woman and mom with her modern sensibilities and approachable personality.  Express will pony up an excess of seven figures on this celebrity endorsement in an effort to freshen up its mass appeal. The campaign will aimREAD MORE
In the world of 24/7 PC media, Celebrity Chef Paula Deen stepped herself into a cave that most felt she would never get out of.  Well, that is excluding the private equity firm Najafi Cos. headed by billionaire Jahm Najafi of BMG Music Service and the Book-of-the-Month Club fame. With the rise of subscribers to Paula Deen’s Magazine by 40% and an increase in sales of her Springer Mountain Chicken by 35% there is definitely a feeling that Ms. Deen is having something of a comeback.  It’s been widely reported that Paula Deen is negotiating a TV show.  Scripps’ FoodREAD MORE
Branding Agency
Day in and day out, your local Firefighters work hard to keep your community safe and in doing so they work up quite an appetite! Steak-umm knew that firefighters would be the perfect test group to try its new and improved meat products after recent rebranding efforts. Steak-umm challenged firefighters to use Steak-umm products to create original recipes and submit them to the “Steak-umm Firehouse Challenge.” What better way to share the 100% meat of Steak-umm products than with firefighters who give 100% every single day? Fans voted on their favorite recipes and for each vote, Steak-umm donated ten centsREAD MORE
janet jackson nutrisystem
It’s the turn of a new year and with it brings lots of resolutions including maybe one of the most common, to lose weight. The gym can bring about all sorts of problems and issues for some however, so weight loss programs are becoming more and more prevalent in dealing with the high obesity rates in the United States in recent years. The industry giants in weight-loss programs, companies like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers all have utilized the endorsement of a celebrity spokesperson to deliver their message of attainable weight loss, and there are a multitude of reasonsREAD MORE
Ali Larter Microsoft
Actress, Chef and Author Ali Larter teams up with Microsoft 365! “Heroes” actress shares with other busy moms how Microsoft’s product help organize her life! Ali Larter, a mom found keeping her day to day life organized very difficult.  Being so busy, adding the role of mom of an active 2 year old and her own career responsibilities became overwhelming.  Additionally, Larter found that when she shared her feelings of being overwhelmed her friends and family members not only understood but shared their own anxieties about their difficulty in staying organized.  So, Larter was hired by Microsoft as their celebrity spokespersonREAD MORE
Top Chef TV star, Tom Colicchio and Bing Host Lunch at Craft NYC, Explore Food + Drink app
Ron Burgundy Dodge
Comedic actor Will Ferrell plays the legendary 1970s anchorman character Ron Burgundy in the upcoming sequel Anchorman 2.
Guy Fieri Rolaids
Celebrity Chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri who hosts such Food Network classics as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Mary Murphy Tisanoreica
Mary Murphy is a trained choreographer and celebrity judge on the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance.
Josh Duhamel Pepsi
Award winning actor Josh Duhamel partners with Diet Pepsi in new endorsement campaign
Katy Perry PopChips
Katy Perry teams up with PopChips to promote healthy snacking and help fight animal cruelty
Mark Wahlberg P Diddy
A-List celebrities Mark Wahlberg and P Diddy team up for new product endorsement