TikTok Star Chef Sonny Hurrell

CelebExperts adds TikTok star chef Sonny Hurrell to new Digital Renegades Division

TikTok’s first Celebrity Chef @thatdudecancook Grows 250,000+ followers in 2 weeks with over 1.7 million Likes

Sonny Hurrell is taking the growing platform by storm, joining forces with CelebExperts’ innovative Digital Renegades branch for representation

Sonny Hurrell, 17 year chef who at 32 years old has found a massive audience on the exploding social platform TikTok (@thatdudecancook), with over 76% being women and moms, has signed with The Digital Renegades division of CelebExperts for representation. Hurrell, based near Aspen Colorado, has been a personal chef for people living the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for many years.

Hurrell was a slow adopter to TikTok thinking it was only for children. Like most, Hurrell was surprised at the vast audience of adults looking for interesting lifestyle and food related educational content to consume and ultimately learn something new. Hurrell said, “I figured I was going to get like 100 kids making fun of me which was alright. But after my 1st video blew up on TikTok not only were the numbers insane, the likes, the shares and the comments were incredibly positive. I started getting comments about followers executing my recipes, sending videos of their versions of my recipes or photos of them in the kitchen testing our my Rosemary Salt which is a favorite. In fact, most of the comments were asking when is my cookbook coming out or when will I have my own Food Network Show. I was floored!”

Hurrell signed with The Digital Renegades talent division of CelebExperts because he and Morgenstein saw the market in a similar fashion. Morgenstein, said, “Sonny and I spoke many times discussing the audience. I was searching for TikTok chefs that create content of course, but Sonny has that once in a lifetime comedic timing and self-deprecating humor that consumers fall in love with. Think if Celebrity chef icons Bobby Flay and Alton Brown had a kid– that is Sonny! Smart, funny, energetic, savvy, consumer friendly and women love him!”

While TikTok is still figuring out its own monetization model, Sonny will have many opportunities with brands for products that need his credibility and unique content creation ability to sell this new consumer searching for answers, demonstrations and new easy to prep and execute recipes. Sonny is leading the way for a generation of chefs that didn’t find Instagram or Facebook fame.

As TikTok continues to evolve into its own ecosystem, talented content creators like Sonny will have so many unique opportunities says Morgenstein, “Sonny is so well positioned as the first celebrity chef on TikTok. The social media platforms always start off with very young audiences looking for a destination their parents aren’t. That changes fast as parents will aggregate to the place their kids are to see what is going on. Once that happens, the kids bounce and the platform matures into a viable marketing platform for advertisers. See Instagram, Snapchat and others for examples!”

If your company or brand is interested in working with Sonny on a campaign, license, endorsement, TV/Digital show, Cookbook publisher, appearance and/or PR event contact Evan Morgenstein at The Digital Renegades or DM him on Linkedin.