Top Social Media Talent Agents expand social influencer representation holdings by launching The Digital Renegades

Evan Morgenstein, visionary and CEO of such iconic agencies as PMG Sports, CelebExperts and Celebrity Trending 10 has started a boutique agency, The Digital Renegades, a division of CelebExperts LLC, focused on representing the best of the best in social media influencers over multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and SnapChat. Even in trying times, brands are reallocating budgets to their social media marketing, branding and sales programs. Clients are seeing the markets evolve in all the platforms and are looking for guidance from some of the best and most talented influencers on how to build communities, brands and sales.

The Digital Renegades agency was created for just that reason, said company CEO and Founder, Evan Morgenstein. “The Coronavirus just confirms what I saw 6-12 months ago. A real consolidation in the market-place. Brands don’t want to deal with 20 agencies. They don’t like the herding cattle feel of the database influencer companies that are selling access but do virtually zero vetting of the talent and lastly, they want spokespeople that have been trained on proper business practices and what the ultimate goal is for the brands hiring them. It’s insane how many agents are signing influencers just because they think they can make a buck but could care less or have no knowledge about how to make them better. The Digital Renegades are a group of influencers that can deliver anywhere from 500,000,000-1 billion+ views a month easily and have generated millions in sales a year.”

The Digital Renegades newest clients signed are TikTokers with massive reach and incredible engagement, fitness and lifestyler Cassidy Thompson (@cassidy__T), who has 3.3 million followers, 73% women, with 80 million views in the last 28 days, and TikTok’s 1st celebrity chef, Sonny Hurrell (@thatdudecancook) with nearly 350,000 followers/76% women with over 2.4 million likes. Morgenstein sees a lot of opportunity for growth, “This agency will bring some of my existing clients such as Amanda Rocchio (@meowmeix) on Instagram with 1.4 million followers/86% women, and sign many more experts in beauty, fitness, cooking and lifestyle across all platforms.”

The Digital Renegades list of clients can be found at with bios, downloadable presentation decks of the clients and a talent booking agent available to help brands decide who is the best choice for their campaign. Contact Christina Brennan, VP and Director of New Business Development at .