Christina Brennan Takes Over Helm as President of CelebExperts and The Digital Renegades

The one-time former inside salesperson for the NY Yankees has become one of the youngest Presidents in influencer marketing at only 26 years old. The Syracuse University graduate previously interned for CelebExperts and Founder and CEO Evan Morgenstein’s sports marketing agency PMG Sports. Morgenstein always saw something special in Brennan, tapping her to be VP of Business Development in 2018 at only 22 years old.

Christina Brennan Takes Over Helm as President of CelebExperts and The Digital Renegades

Six weeks in, Brennan closed her first of many industry altering deals. She created both an endorsement and partnership with equity for the company’s longtime client social media star, Jen Selter, 40 million followers, and BlendJet, the #1 brand for at-home and portable blenders. BlendJet has become the juggernaut in the home appliance and social media industries. Through Morgenstein and Brennan’s management, Selter was one of the first influencers to become a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Since Brennan joined, she has facilitated massive company expansion. Growing from a roster with 50 million followers to now a whopping 150 million, she represents the biggest names in fitness, health, and sports. She has produced some of the most viral social campaigns, including #wienerwednesday, a campaign dubbed the “Most Viral Beef Campaign on TikTok,” garnering almost 30 million views organically in 3 weeks.

“I won’t take credit for Christina’s talents, they are God given, but I will take credit for seeing her for who she was,” Noted CEO Evan Morgenstein. “At 22 to see her drive, work ethic and passion for success blew me away. I would never consider giving up the helm of President of my businesses unless I felt someone could do what’s needed better than I could do it. I gave this a lot of thought and it is time to let Christina steer the ship. I have done this for 32 years, and I will continue to drive the vision for the company and clients. Now with Christina’s leadership and passion, we’ve never been in a better place. I’m so proud of how hard she works for me, the clients, herself and her future!”

This promotion takes effect immediately and will facilitate Brennan continuing to hire her team in sales, marketing and digital. Brennan shared her thoughts on this event, “I’m excited to build out a team of sharp and creative individuals. In a time where so many companies want to go automated with influencer marketing, we offer a white glove approach that produces results. Our creativity and hustle is what makes us different. We constantly push the envelope and we aren’t stopping any time soon!”

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