Jen Selter

How One Influencer Changed the Business of Social Media!

More than 7 years ago, many people told me that I was crazy signing Instagram model/fitness star Jen Selter. She was a “flash in the pan”, “no substance”, “what’s wrong with social media”, and “the butt girl”. I heard all the naysayers. All the doubters. This was at the infancy of Instagram really. But, I heard a voice. It was in my head. And what I kept hearing was that Jen wasn’t a problem, she was the transition from a very stale platform in Facebook for older women and the echo chamber of Twitter.

While most brands were trying to better understand who was “hot” on this new exploding platform in food, nutrition and lifestyle. Very few saw the transition of motivating young women to find their best version of themselves. A 19 year old high school student did, Jen Selter. Jen’s vision was so unique in so many ways. She was brave beyond her years. Before there were “haters” there were Ad and PR agencies that scoffed at the young women with the prodigious buttock and the will to keep sharing. Did Jen save the world? Of course not.Did Jen unleash an entirely new way for young, shy women to find fitness in the comfort of their own home 7 years before the 2020 Pandemic? YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT SHE DID! Jen not only figured out how to deliver content that has a value but she also saw the social media world as her own media company. She did what NO other creator has every done.

Jen build other Instagram accounts that spoke to the lifestyle of millennials and Gen Xers. Accounts such as @couplegoals @thatbikini @gymlooks @motivationforfitness@idreamaboutfood and many others. Jen, in a brilliant stroke of genius saw the benefit of creating a community of accounts not just her signature @jenselter account. And to her credit, it blew up! 40+ million followers, deals with massive companies, equity in soon to be sold start -ups and a portfolio that now includes Jen being the face of Guess’ new activewear launch.

Like I said, we didn’t cure a disease or stop hunger on the planet. But what we did accomplish is ignite a generation of young women who wanted fitness to be something other than going to the local “meat market” aka gym and feel uncomfortable and unsure. Jen is 27 now and a lot smarter for the hard work she has put in.

If you are looking for the hardest working woman in social media, we should talk. Jen is 24/7 365 and she earns every $ she is paid!