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Why Are Brands So Afraid Of Social Media Influencer Driven Campaigns?

I must be candid with you. I do 5-10 calls a day with big and small brands. They are all asking the same question, “can I get a ROI by utilizing social media influencers or macro influencers?” The easy answer is, MAYBE!

You must be saying to yourself why can’t I give you a definitive answer? And the reason is, that it’s not so clear on what your vision is on ROI, what you are willing to spend around an influencer/micro influencer buy, and what your team of “experts” actually knows about customer acquisition. So the long answer is, I’m not sure. But that is what we delve into every day, 12 hours a day at CelebExperts. Trying to find definitive answers with definite results that can be replicated. That is absolutely the sweet spot of consulting companies from startups to multi-national monsters that I speak with every day.

With 4th Quarter almost upon us, Black Friday around the corner and approximately 50% of your sales budgeted to be done between now and December 31st, I hope you have something to tell me other than we are completely spent for the year. While that might be true, are you 1000% sure you have crossed all your T’s and dotted all of your I’s?  Because your career and J-O-B may depend on it. Because I see this every year. What is different is the approach to success so many have taken this year vs year’s past.

If you can for a second, imagine a boat ride down a very choppy river. You don’t have a life vest or anyone else on the boat to save you. Can you close your eyes and visualize this? Can you feel that unsettling motion sickness? The speed of the river and you have zero control of the outcome? Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wild world of digital marketing and social influence. Its just so damn crazy! Never in my 30+ year career have I seen so many with great experience looking so afraid, like deer in the headlights.

But wait, there is help!!! You knew I was going to say that right? I am not one of those doomsday bloggers. I am an eternal optimist coupled with my insanely focused personality on solving mine and my client’s problems. And frankly, social media influencer campaigns are a mosaic, a jigsaw puzzle and blender all wrapped into one!

Whether it is the eternal search for great influencers that produce, a strategy that will facilitate your success, hacks of the social platforms algorithms or any of the hundreds of secrets in this industry, my team and I can help you no matter what company size or problem.

Trust and patience, two words lost in this hectic chaos that we live every day. But what we have found is that when companies and brands are looking to hire a social media influencer to solve all of their problems with blind abandon and don’t really have a firm grasp of what the expectations should be for that social influencer, you are destined for at best break even results.

The long standing conversation I hear at conferences between hiring a large social media star and a slew of micro influencers is very extensive and emotional. My answer to this is I need to better understand everything about what are you trying to accomplish and/or solve. Only then can I truly consult you on decisions that can produce results with social media influencer campaigns and marketing utilizing social influencers.

What the social media database companies won’t tell you that my staff can, is who are these influencers as people, what type of results have they had in the past and do they legitimately use and love your product. Doesn’t that sound like a great place to start? But when you are aggregating influencers based only on their followers or even engagement numbers, you are screwed. I see it all the time!

If you want to further explore this world you don’t know or the world you know and still can’t get any acceptable results, contact me at or call me at (919) 332-0584 or reach out to me on Linkedin at: to discuss social media influencer campaigns and the best execution for your brand. Read more about our corporate consulting process for executing successful social media influencer campaigns here.