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How digital ad buying can save your poor performing influencer marketing campaign!

How many of you are dug in on influencer marketing campaigns? Ok, I see almost all of you raising your hands!  To be honest, almost 100% of my corporate consulting clients are using micro or significant influencers to drive sales, branding or whatever. But, most are doing it so wrong.

What’s the real problem?

The results or ROI from most influencers are just horrible.   The problem isn’t always the influencers.  Is it their fault you are selling a product to women and you failed to check on their gender %?  NOPE!  Is it their fault if you are selling an upscale activewear line and the average income level of their performers is under $25,000 a year?  NOPE!  Is it their fault that you aren’t effectively buying digital ad space on the influencer’s admin?  NOPE!

The unavoidable algorithm changes that limit exposure seem to happen every month. So selling online and via ecommerce is tricky.  But there is always an answer.  How is your Amazon account doing?  Are you using influencers to drive consumers there?  To you retail partners?   Who is deciding on the captions for the influencers’ posts?  How involved is the influencer?  What are they saying?  Does it feel organic or does it feel too salesy?

What about your website stands out?  Where are you sending traffic?  Do you have a landing page on your website or Shopify account with the influencer’s images so their fan base believes they actually love your products? Do their followers get special pricing?  Is it less than what they can get the product on Amazon? Consumers will definitely check!  How are you creating a database of these engaged consumers?  Who is working your database?  Are you making them special offers brought to you by the influencer?

Influencer marketing IS NOT HIRING AN INFLUENCER AND HAVING THEM POST!  Can you hear me?   It is not!  They are part of your marketing mix, part of your sales program and part of your brand growth.  But independently, there’s only one family of Jenners and Kardashians who can provide you advice on how to sell millions of dollars per post.  They are unicorns.  For the rest of them, we need to create tools of the trade to assist them.   

So what do you do?

Here are FIVE tips to help you with your next campaign!

5.  Make sure you have consistency with what all your influencers are producing, tagging and posting.  Not a group of clones, but rather a brand strategy so the consumer can see several posts all by different influencers with a consistent vision and message when going to the market!

4.  Size doesn’t matter!  What did I just say?  Yep size doesn’t matter.  I find many micro influencers that have a better conversion rate than massive influencers.  Their audience are their friends. They will convert and allow themselves to be interested! 

3.  Make sure your influencers turn on post notifications for everyone!  If you do, this will override the algorithm. 

2.  Do NOT use a database company to buy influencers PLEASE!  My agency and others spend the time to personally interview and figure out if they are legit or not. It’s so important to make sure you know how they performed previously and the type of companies they worked with in the past.   Your program deserves it! 


Later this week we will be announcing some breaking news about CelebExperts teaming with the hottest agency in digital ad buying!  E mail me with your current needs and your existing product, brand and needs!   We can help you immediately!