CelebExperts signs TikTok’s Top Beauty Influencer and Self-Acceptance advocate Kyra Gallego, @kyragallego

Kyra Gallego (@kyragallego), 21-year-old former college softball player and beauty influencer who is taking the TikTok world by storm with over 97% female followers, has signed with The Digital Renegades division of CelebExperts.

After seeing her friends on TikTok just six months ago, Gallego decided to join the platform and test it out. With her charismatic personality and talent, all the while staying true to herself, Gallego took the TikTok users by storm.

As a former Sephora associate, Gallego knows makeup at the expert level and covers everything from the different types of smokey eyes in makeup tutorials to sanitation at makeup stores, something very prevalent in today’s climate. She brings her expert knowledge of the beauty industry in an informative but comical way engaging fans everywhere with a massive 6.8 million likes to date.

Not only is Gallego a makeup influencer, she is a proud supporter and member of the Gay Rights community as well as being an LGBTQ influencer. The multi-cultural young star’s mission goes far beyond makeup. Her goal is to make people feel good and embrace their differences, a message that resonates with everyone’s target audience.

The TikTok influencer signed with The Digital Renegades because Kyra felt a special connection to her new team. “From the moment Christina and Evan reached out to me, I could tell that they were different. Becoming a beauty influencer was never something I could’ve predicted for myself. My Bachelors degree is in English, and while makeup was a fun hobby, I had always imagined myself as a teacher. However, as I spoke with these two individuals, they instilled such a faith in me, it was impossible to ignore the wonderful opportunity in front of me. I hope to use my platform as a space where others feel safe, entertained, welcomed and accepted; that beauty is inclusive to anyone who wants to try it. My brand is all about encouraging others and appreciating what we have in front of us. My personality invites others in because I always make sure to remain a light even in low of times; we must always remember to stay positive. I think i have something special to say and add to the world and working with Christina and Evan, they have reminded me that everyday. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I hope to work with you soon!”.

When Christina Brennan, Vice President of Business Development, stumbled upon makeup artist Kyra video on TikTok she was sold. “Often, we meet influencers who are mirror images of eachother but Kyra’s different. Not only was her content beautiful and engaging but she was unique, quick witted and is not afraid to use her voice. While her method of delivery is beauty, her goal is to build self-esteem and make people feel great. She is a different type of influencer. Kyra is the embodiment of the modern woman, entrepreneurial and ready to take on the world.”

TikTok is growing rapidly everyday but with the viral nature of the platform, it is the perfect place for brands to create disruptive and engaging content with the new era of social media influencers. With Gallego’s unparalleled skill and voice, she communicates a brand message that is engaging and influential.

If your company or brand is interested in working with TikTok creator Kyra on a campaign, manufacturing beauty products for her own line, licenses, endorsements, TV/Digital show, appearance and/or PR events contact Christina Brennan at Digital Renegades:
or connect with her on LinkedIn.