Social Media and New Years Resolutions: How Influencer Campaigns can be Built for Renewed Success

With Being more Healthy being a dominant New Years’ resolution, influencers have the unique opportunity to expand their campaigns throughout the year. 

With 2021 coming to a close, people have created various New Years’ resolutions pertaining to being healthy. Whether that means eating healthier, participating in intermittent fasting, or working out more, brands are looking for a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors in getting consumers to choose their products. As occurred in 2021, brands will continue to recognize the high engagement as well as brand awareness that can be raised when promoting their products through social media campaigns, but many firms fail to take full advantage of the opportunity presented.

Especially with a new year, companies have the opportunity not just to create campaigns surrounding these resolutions, but to find ways to adjust their campaign for renewal upon completion. Social media influencers are currently engaged with partnerships for healthy food brands, fitness apps, gym equipment and more, however once the end of the contract approaches a portion of their audience will no longer be following their resolution as closely. The challenge that many firms fail to recognize when working these influencer sponsorships is the adjustments that must be made in recapturing your initial audience.

With the fitness industry especially, it’s important to execute campaigns that are set-up to continually motivate the consumer to engage with your brand, rather than just capture their interest at the beginning of each year. Initially capturing a fitness influencer’s audience in executing a campaign is simple, however we work at executing campaigns while making adjustments to best renew interest among their target audience; promoting a brands growth for far more than just the month of January.

Gymshark, one of the world’s largest activewear companies used the 2019 New Year to their advantage just this way, resulting in an audience reach of nearly 20 million TikTok users. On January 1st, Gymshark created the “66 Days | Change your life” challenge, in which fans chose a personal goal in addition to uploading a photo of them that day. Then on March 8th (66 days later), fans were to upload the initial photo with an updated one for a chance to win a year’s supply of Gymshark products.

Here not only did Gymshark look to help promote people to follow their fitness resolutions, but created a challenge leading fans to creating user generated content. Now Gymshark was able to not only raise awareness about their brand and challenge to their followers, but through the followers of all the challenge’s participants as well. This led to a drastic increase in brand and product awareness, as well as helped create a connection with Gymshark fans and their followers.

The results of the campaign resulted in a reach of 19.8 million fans as well as a phenomenal engagement rate of 11.11%. Additionally the campaign had nearly 2 million likes, 13,000 comments and the views for #gymshark66 surpassed 45.5 million views.

Another brand who accomplished just this was FitPlan, who recognized the market for a personal training app at the end of 2015. With the goal of not only capturing their audience through newly founded New Years’ resolutions, they recognized that a campaign that continually generates interest among consumers was necessary. 

CelebExperts helped strategize and build marketing strategies for some of the top fitness spokespeople such as Jen Selter, Rob Riches and more. With the app’s launch in 2016, the app quickly surpassed 100,000 downloads. Here the influencers did their part in drawing attention to the app, and the next challenge was to continue to capture this audience while also growing. 

Acting as CMO of Fitplan as well as coordinating the activities of Fitplan’s outside PR agency, CelebExperts helped the company shape the direction of their efforts in design, development, implementation and sales; all while continually executing influencer campaigns to draw traffic to the app.

While fitness brands saw incredible growth through influencer marketing, the health industry have experienced great success as well. With the most popular New Years’ resolutions being to exercise more , lose weight as well as being healthy, these go hand-in-hand and often share a similar target market. While brands focusing on meal plans were extremely popular in 2020, healthy food brands rose in popularity as well. One brand who recognized this was Primal Kitchen, which sells paleo friendly foods made with ingredients focusing on beneficial fats and clean proteins. 

This campaign used 4 influencers, one such being @CookLikeaMother, who created recipes which focused on healthy convenient meals, plant-based food hacks and more. With the influencers portraying that you don’t have to sacrifice taste or time or order to eat healthy, the campaign had a phenomenal engagement rate of 8.37% with flooded comments asking about where to purchase Primal Kitchen. This further resulted in a +12% ad recall as well as +13% in purchase considerations.

Now with 2022, the challenges for fitness and wellness companies are still the same: how to retain your current audience while gaining new markets past the “New Years Rush”. This further applies for food brands, nutrition apps and more, but CelebExperts is here to help!

If you are an emerging brand or a historic one, let the experts at CelebExperts help brainstorm your future.  Our collaborative DNA and desire to help you achieve your ultimate goals and beyond is our only objective. Contact us at or for an immediate free consultation.