Jen Selter Appears During Kelly & Ryan’s Fit-Fluencer Week

Jen Selter shares her booty burn secrets and her philosophy to fitness influencing.

Fitness influencer and social media trailblazer Jen Selter put host Ryan Seacrest and guest host Maria Menounos through the ringer with her Booty Burn Workout when she appeared on the daytime talk-show Kelly & Ryan’s Fit-Fluencer segment

An OG in the realm of social media influencing with a staggering 12.3 million followers, Jen is best known for uplifting and empowering her followers by documenting her own health and wellness journey on the social media platform. She also provides workout tips, healthy recipes, product reviews, and maybe a little fit inspo sprinkled in here or there.

Building her following before the boom of social media influencers, she’s had a big hand in shaping the world of Instagram influencing, especially in the fitness sector. She recalled starting out on Instagram as a pioneer of the now booming industry: “When I started, influencing wasn’t a thing. Fitness was a thing, but it wasn’t as big as it is today, and just watching it go from 0 to 100 is crazy…. [I’m] happy to be one of the first, and it’s hard work!”

Perhaps what resonates with her followers most, and certainly with both Ryan and Maria as they prepared to sweat it out with Jen, is her dedication to being real with her followers. “[It’s] so important to not compare yourself to what you see online, because everyone posts the perfect reel,” she advised when asked what people need to know about following influencers online. 

She even revealed that her most interacted with Instagram post is a shot of her, post-food coma, bloated and unfiltered— a move praised by both hosts for showing not only the reality of her fitness journey, but the courage to be upfront and vulnerable with her followers. 

Diving right into their workout, both Ryan and Maria quickly noted that the booty burn certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, and Jen took every opportunity to show them just how much work goes into attaining the sought after physique seen all over social media. “Get lower! Come on, you’re not done! You got it, guys!” all chanted by Jen as the three transitioned from squat-holds into alternating lunges. 

“It’s not about minutes, it’s how many sets of reps — usually four rounds of twelve reps,” she advised when asked by Ryan how long the workout would need to be endured before he could start to see the effects. With both hosts out of breath, Jen remained positive and reassuring in the way followers have come to love, encouraging the continued physical activity and pushing for just a few more reps. 

It’s not all about the movement, though, and Jen shared that she loves food just as much as she loves staying active. “I love food: I dream about food,” the fitness influencer shared which is, coincidentally, the name of her second Instagram account where she documents all of her latest cravings and food-obsessions.

When asked by Maria if all of her meals are green and healthy, Jen disputed any myths that you have to give up your favorite foods in order to be fit. “I’m all about moderation… I’m all about balance and eating the foods you want in moderation.” 

As seen on her Instagram @idreamaboutfood, recipes for chickpea pasta live right alongside mouth-watering chocolate and peanut butter oats and stunning yogurt parfaits. Again, Jen keeps it real with her social media users hoping to reach their fitness goals, showing that a diet consisting of nothing other than kale salads and water aren’t sustainable (and they’ll NEVER replace a good bar of dark chocolate) or necessary for attaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rounding out their booty-burn workout with a duck walk and bear in-and-out (like Ryan you may be asking “…what??”, in which case I encourage you to watch through to the end of their workout segment — informational and entertaining), it was clear that both Ryan Seacrest and Maria Menounos struggled to keep up.

But even until the end, Jen encouraged both hosts to keep moving. “Slow… you really wanna feel it”, she advised, demonstrating that it’s not about how fast you can get through your reps, but about how controlled you are in your movements.

Safe to say the hosts and audience of Kelly & Ryan may not have achieved their booty-burn dreams quite yet. But, Jen Selter maintained that with a little dedication (and a few tips from her Instagram page @jenselter), adding this home workout to your routine will make it absolutely attainable.

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Written by Kendell Davis