Inergetics Engages CelebExperts to Launch New Product Line

Inergetics, a leading supplement and vitamin manufacturer, was launching a new weight loss product called Bikini Ready and engaged CelebExperts to provide strategic talent consultation. Bikini Ready targets women 20-45 years old in two distinct demographics – post-college graduate women and moms. Inergetics provided additional guidelines for the ideal brand ambassador including:

  • An aspirational woman
  • An athlete who needed to be in a bikini
  • A mom
  • A women that competed in a sport that was considered fresh, cool and fun.

The CelebExperts team started mapping out and vetting Talent options for athletes in three ‘bikini’ sports:

  • Swimming
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Surfing

After undertaking an exhaustive vetting processes that included key metrics including social media impact, relevancy in their sports and with the media, and potential sponsor conflicts, CelebExperts presented Inergetics with a short list of candidates. CelebExperts drafted a scope-of-work (SOW) with extensions beyond the initial ask to ensure maximum branding and campaign success leveraging the selected athlete. Under direction from the client, CelebExperts negotiated the ambassador deal with the athletes, directly and/or through their representatives, and secured Agreements with Inergetics top selection quickly, efficiently and under budget. CelebExperts secured surfer and mom Christa Alves, and rising surfer star Anastasia Ashley for the Inergetics team.