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Celebrity Weight Loss Endorsement Campaigns

It’s the turn of a new year and with it brings lots of resolutions including maybe one of the most common, to lose weight. The gym can bring about all sorts of problems and issues for some however, so weight loss programs are becoming more and more prevalent in dealing with the high obesity rates in the United States in recent years. The industry giants in weight-loss programs, companies like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers all have utilized the endorsement of a celebrity spokesperson to deliver their message of attainable weight loss, and there are a multitude of reasons why they’re successful in doing so. For starters, the weight loss programs that these celebrities are endorsing provide actual food, weekly meal plans, pharmaceuticals, and/or over-the-phone consultants that help achieve their customers’ goals at their own pace while eating food they like to eat. The programs seem simple and we can all agree America likes quick and easy solutions.

Take Nutrisystem’s partnerships with singer Janet Jackson and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino for example. The company commented that Janet represented those people who are always on the go and need a system that they can become accustomed to and adhere to in a fast-paced lifestyle. Dan represents a former athlete and hero who already serves as an inspiration to many and can now channel weight loss programs to his biggest fans that need extra motivation to lose weight. The Southeast is also documented as a chart-topper in obesity rates each year so someone like Dan, who played for the Miami Dolphins in his playing days, helps Nutrisystem in their efforts to target a specific demographic.

Jenny Craig has been a staple in weight loss programs since Valerie Bertinelli became a brand ambassador and serves as an inspiration to hard-working moms everywhere. These celebrities are chosen for a specific reason whether it be to bolster popularity with a popular star or to appeal to a certain core demographic.

These campaigns are also a win-win for the celebrities who agree to endorse the products. They are able to remain relevant to their fans while also getting paid to lose weight and maintain their health. America watched as Jennifer Hudson flaunted her slim physique and accredited Weight Watchers for her success. You could say this not only boosted her career but her dramatic weight loss gave Weight Watchers the credibility they needed to become an industry leader in weight loss campaigns. The same was the case with Mariah Carey and Jenny Craig; the campaign became a mutually beneficial endeavor for both parties.

Celebrities will continue to be utilized to inspire through weight loss campaigns because of their ability to connect with large audiences and continue to serve as role models in entertainment for many Americans.