Tis the season to get Celebrity Endorsement deals done!

celebrity-endorsementIt’s never too late in the ever changing world of budgets to secure a celebrity spokesperson for an upcoming campaign.  What has changed since the Economy tanked in 2007/2008 is that many companies now will not plan over the summer, negotiate over the fall and buy celebrity Talent in November and December!  Now, PR agencies and clients alike are buying celebrity spokespeople on a Quarter by Quarter basis!  This change has also affected the pricing structure for celebrity engagement.

Previously, a company would sign a Celebrity to a one or multi-year deal.  Now, with the fear of working with a celebrity that may not resonate, money poorly spent or bad PR leaves Brand mangers shaking in their boots.   Careers are made and lost on these types of decisions.  There is no room to course correct anymore.  Money is tight, tension is at a premium and the tolerance for bad PR is at an all-time high!  So this is the underpinning of what my group of expert corporate consultants is dealing with on a day to day basis.

But we love a good challenge!  We are currently working with Technology, Hair care, Data Recovery, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Nano Technology and many other companies who are in dire need of professional consultation about what they have done in the past, what are their competitors are currently doing and what makes someone the perfect celebrity spokesperson for their brand, company or service?  It is an invasive search of a company/brand’s DNA to find this answer.  We have many partner companies that work off of reports, polling and statistics.   We take a more humanistic approach to vetting a celebrity match.

Our researchers are always digging deep, scouring blogs, websites, news reports and other media accounts to track trends for emerging industries that are tailor made for a celebrity spokesperson.  The 2014 CES show in Las Vegas showed that the future opportunities in categories such as Wearable Technology, Home furnishings and electronics controlled in the cloud and several others were everywhere.  Some won’t make it through their first season and some will be the next LG Electronics.   As we evaluate each company’s needs and opportunities, we are always reminded to level set expectations.  Securing a spokesperson who can be utilized in PR events, traditional media, advertising, social media, packaging, in-store point of purchase, trade show appearances, motivational speeches to sales and management, etc., is the easy part, but is a celebrity with a message and moral barometer a match for your company and/or brand?

That single question is what we answer every day so you can sleep well at night and know the work was done to vet the celebrity spokesperson and your program is going off without a hitch!

This blog was written by CelebExperts President and CEO Evan Morgenstein.  For more information on CelebExperts or to speak to Evan e mail him at or Tweet him @evanmorgenstein.  Follow us @celebexperts