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Elite Group of Chefs, Home Cooks and Bakers The Food Renegades Stand in Solidarity of TikTok

famous social media chefsThe Food Renegades have banded together to show their support for TikTok against the call to potentially ban the platform in the United States.

Every one of my partners in The Food Renegades sees TikTok as the future of social media and the most fun platform”

— Evan Morgenstein

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Food Renegades, a non-political organization have come together during the pandemic to pool their expertise in creating beautiful video content, providing inspiration and education to the everyday home cook. Amidst the news TikTok may be banned, the team is planning activities this week to support the platform and have their voices heard. Today, at 1 pm EST, all 10 of The Food Renegades will be posting on their TikTok accounts below with messaging supporting the platform and coining the hashtag #SaveTikTok. The goal of these posts will be to reach 1 million followers who will share the hashtag and “Duet” each post creating an opportunity for both the hashtag and the content to go viral on TikTok. Additionally, on Friday July 10th at 1 pm EST, all of The Food Renegades will go “LIVE” to show their continued support for the platform. Each Renegade will have their own message to their fans with ideas and suggestion on how to support TikTok.

The Food Renegades’ CEO Evan Morgenstein sees this as a real opportunity for the group to show its strength in the market, “Every one of my partners in The Food Renegades sees TikTok as the future of social media and the most fun platform. If users can’t determine which social platform they utilize, it’s a complete infringement of their First Amendment rights of free speech. The Food Renegades will not stand for censorship of any kind. TikTok is currently the best platform for brands.”

The Food Renegades are made up of the following content creators:

Nicole Renard (@nicole_thenomad) 1.1 million TikTok followers
Kelsey Shade (@chefkelseyshade) 244,000 TikTok followers
Tara Ippolito Lafontant (@aldentediva) 543,000 TikTok followers
Vivian Aronson (@cookingbomb) 715,000 TikTok followers
Trazia Rae (@traziarae) 643,000 TikTok followers
Sonny Hurrell (@thatdudecancook) 827,000 TikTok followers
Erica Kuiper (@tiktokketo) 488,000 TikTok followers
Paola D Yee (@paoladyee) 844,000 TikTok followers
Lauren Bower (@cooklikeamother) 191,000 TikTok followers
Matt Groark (@groarkboysbbq) 446,000 TikTok followers

The Food Renegades have 6+ million followers, over 140 million likes and over 150 million views each month of their incredible food related content. New Jersey based BBQ chef and Renegade, Matt Groark, @groarkboysbbq, best summed up the group’s feelings when he said, “Give me TikTok or give me death” to highlight the passion for the platform and the true emotion tied to all The Food Renegade’s ability to connect with their fans.

For more information on The Food Renegades visit, https://thedigitalrenegades.com/the-food-renegades. For booking virtual cooking events, sponsorship or group licensing deals contact Evan Morgenstein, and for media requests contact .

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