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Katie Couric and Got Milk? Campaign

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Katie Couric and Daughters Team Up with National Milk Council in New Got Milk? Ad

In the National Milk Council’s latest celebrity spokesperson campaign, talk show host extraordinary, Katie Couric and her two daughters grace ads and PR discussing the importance of Milk.   The paid spokespeople discuss their breakfast routine and how the three of them love milk.  Couric embodies the true essence of being a busy mom and someone in her 50’s cares about protein and iron as Osteoporosis becomes an issue for her peer group. The National Milk Council has utilized athletes, Olympians, actors, musicians, ex politicians and everyone in between when they hired a celebrity spokesperson for their campaigns which include banners and posters in elementary schools.

This campaign and its associated media tour, PR awareness and outreach to magazines, TV and social media vehicles is standard operating for the National Milk Council folks and their agency.  Couric and her daughters were probably paid in the $125-200,000 range.