Perez Hilton, original influencer, entertainment blogger, podcaster & peerless creator signs with The Digital Renegades

The Pop Culture Icon, father and America’s foremost voice for entertainment and celebrity commentary signs on with the social media influencer marketing agency

Perez’s audience is women that love their families. They love life. They love to shop online. They shop at supermarkets. We plan on giving them a lot to consider including some of Perez’s own products”

— Evan Morgenstein

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — Hilton will be joining some of the most well respected creators in lifestyle, food, fitness, nutrition and beauty. Hilton, who started 16+ years ago, is the most respected personality in the genre where his 12 million fans (over 75% female) come to him for his insights, comedy, entertainment and conversation. As one of the real consciences of American media, Perez shares his wisdom and insight on social injustice, gender equality, support of the LGBTQ+ communities and all others who feel oppressed or left out of the American dream.

Hilton, one of the OG’s of social media has his media empire across all social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and now TikTok, where he is approaching 1 million followers in just months on the app. Additionally, his website is the home of his wildly popular blog and podcast with millions of views per month. Hilton’s website provides various channels including celebrity fitness, PerezTV and multiple other industry leading stories and insights. Hilton’s audience is a cross section of America, who are looking for great content, inspiration and the community that he has so incredibly developed.

Having one of the larger audiences serving the successful female demographic of women and moms 30+, Hilton has so many unique opportunities, says Evan Morgenstein, CEO of The Digital Renegades, “I have been a fan forever. Perez’s audience is women that love their families. They love life. They love to shop online. They shop at supermarkets. They make most of the purchasing decisions for the family. We plan on giving them a lot to consider including some of Perez’s own product lines”.

Hilton, who is a father of three, really understands the current environment of being a parent in a Pandemic, “I really feel a lot of people’s pain. If I can give them some entertainment during their day, make them smile and want to come back for more tomorrow I have done my job and helped my community. My audience has been so loyal to me for so long. They are more “fram” to me. That’s forever. I genuinely love and respect and appreciate them so much. And I think they enjoy my authenticity, silliness, work ethic and the many ways I entertain them through each and every single day”. While expanding his podcast, growing his social media and promoting his memoir that is coming out in 2020 called, TMI, My Life In Scandal, (available for pre-sale on his website), Hilton makes sure that family time is his priority. Hilton, who lives in Los Angeles, loves how social media has changed his ability to communicate with his fans, “I really love social media. In a way, I have always been an influencer. Social media platforms just make the distribution of content easier for more people to consume it. That is really an incredible gift. I want to be on every platform. I’ve achieved so much throughout my career, and I’m still hungry for more! I’m super ambitious and am relieved to have the expertise of Evan and his team at The Digital Renegades to help turn all my ideas into reality.”

Morgenstein and his team will focus on brand relationships, social media campaigns and developing signature products which Hilton will be deeply involved with creating the look, feel and aesthetic. For more information on booking Hilton for virtual events, corporate engagements, media, or brand related activities, contact Evan Morgenstein at or on Linkedin:

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