Bethenny Frankel Partners with ASPCA and Moose Toys’ Scruff-a-Luvs

October is adopt a shelter dog month. Bethenny Frankel, reality television star and CEO of Skinnygirl, has kicked off the month by partnering with the ASPCA and toy brand Moose Toys. Moose Toys released a product titled, Scruff-a-Luvs, which is a revolutionary product that teaches kids the value of properly caring for their pets by creating an artificial pet that will grow and prosper with the right care.


This new partnership allows Bethenny to add to her endorsement repertoire while also helping a great cause. The three parties have great synergy as Bethenny is a devoted pet owner and philanthropist, the ASPCA works towards bettering the treatment of animals, and Scruff-a-Luvs focusses on teaching young kids the value and importance of properly caring for pets.

The collaboration was kicked off on October 3rd with a kickoff party attended by both Bethenny and her adorable fur-babies. The new partnership was also activated through Bethenny’s Instagram account, which has over 2.1 million followers.

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Reach & Benefits

This new partnership should prove beneficial to all three parties involved. By helping Moose Toys and the ASPCA, Bethenny will improve her already impressive philanthropic portfolio which features her own bstrong foundation, which strives to provide emergency assistance for those in need. The ASPCA will receive monetary and publicity benefits by associating themselves with established talent like Bethenny and receiving a $250K donation from Moose Toys. Moose Toys and Scruff-a-Luvs will also broaden their reach associating themselves with Bethenny and the ASPCA, a company whose values go hand and hand with.

Through this collaboration the ASPCA will create much needed publicity around their cause, leading to more pets being adopted. In addition, the ASPCA and Bethenny Frankel seemed to be aimed at the younger market, working with a popular toy brand. Potential benefits for the ASPCA include teaching young kids the value of proper pet care while Bethenny could leverage this deal to potentially grow her own Skinnygirl brand, possibly blossoming into a product line that involves children in some capacity. Keep your eyes here to see how this partnership will grow and see what new campaigns are started.