Vanessa Williams Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes Signs Vanessa Williams

vanessa-williams-clear-eyesPrestige Brands, Inc. can see clearly now the rain has gone… or that Vanessa Williams, superstar singer and entrepreneur has signed on as the company’s spokesperson for their newest campaign that will start in June with a national TV, print, social and viral media campaign.  Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Connors thinks Vanessa has the right stuff to unclutter a very heavily marketed category with the likes of Visine in the space, “Her Star power and influence will help the brand reach millions of consumers who suffer from eye irritation.”

The market-place is all about moms with the decision making role and purse string firmly in hand!  Prestige Brands made a calculated risk on Ms. Williams with little risk.  She is a cross-over celebrity with millions of fans and the ability to make an authentic statement to women and moms all over the world!