Katy Perry PopChips

Katy Perry And PopChips to the Rescue!

katy-perryIf you are wondering why superstar, Katy Perry would be involved with PopChips, you don’t have to look any further than your own waistline!  PopChips have partnered with Katy Perry to tell consumers that fried chips are not the answer to your hunger when it strikes.  On June 13th, the PopChips street teams were out in cities all across the US sampling, couponing and educating consumers about the benefit of healthy snacking.    Walgreens tied in with PopChips by having “rescue stations” at select Walgreens.

In another tie –in, PopChips are benefiting the ASPCA for help fight cruelty to animals by making donations on select purchased products.  Clearly Katy Perry has a love for animals and saw this as a great way to give back.   PopChips claims to be one of the fastest growing snack brands in North America and the UK.   Boosting half the fat as its fried competitors, PopChips definitely fills a void in the snack market-place.   With over 30,000 retailers across North America, the UK PopChips aims to make a dent in your diet not your wallet.

Utilizing Katy Perry’s name recognition, credibility and fan base with over 38,000,000 followers on Twitter, Ms. Perry with her clean and wholesome image delivers a pop for PopChips to like-minded consumers who will consider following her lead!  With the hashtag #popchipstotherescue, it isn’t clear on the ROI as of yet, but from all industry experts we spoke with, this campaign was well conceived and executed.