Mark Wahlberg P Diddy

Superstars Team Up To Quench Your Thirst!


There is an ever changing face on the landscape of celebrity endorsements and how companies, brands and service providers are utilizing famous people to communicate information to their customers.   One of the newest players in the upscale water category is Aqua Hydrate with their electrolyte enhanced super charged water.   Now what does that exactly mean? You can go to and find out for yourself.  But to us, the most interesting news is the pairing of self-made moguls who are equity partners and are running “day to day” business operations along with the CEO, music superstar Sean “Puffy” Combs and movie star and production icon, Mark Wahlberg.   Both of these men are wealthy beyond belief, have assets and credibility and now have an ownership in a bottled water company that distributes a delivery system for things apparently your body needs.  What makes this such an interesting proposition is the positioning of these two pop icons not as celebrity spokespeople but as business magnets that have a working knowledge of the manufacturing, distribution and sales game not exactly skill sets you are born with so it will be interesting to see what they can create.   Just their involvement alone adds value to the Aqua Hydrate asset.  But to be the next Vitamin Water and try and cash out like 50 Cent did by selling to a major, that is yet to be seen!