Maria Sharapove Porsche

Sharapova Aces A Deal With Porsche!

maria sharapova

Tennis star and Iconic Celebrity Spokesperson, Sharapova will be Porsche’s first spokesperson!

Porsche, the uber brand in car luxury has announced that it has booked its first celebrity spokesperson and to the amazement of many and it is a female athlete, Maria Sharapova. The Wimbeldon winner and iconic celebrity spokesperson has been hired by the German car manufacturer, Porsche, to convey how the car breaks barriers for both design and engineering, and represents an elite group of car owners in a very upscale market-place.

This category, mostly dominated by 35+ year old men now has expanded to include affluent women as well. Max Eisenbud, the architect of Sharapova’s brand had built a mountain of industry leading deals including celebrity spokesperson deals with NIKE, Samsung, Cole Hahn, Evian, Tag Heur and her own candy line that has sold over 1.5 million bags of low sugar candy around the world. Sharapova, who continues to compete for Major titles has built her brand on beauty, talent, success and the fine-tuned management of Eisenbud who had this to say about her client and the celebrity spokesperson deal he booked for Sharapova and Porsche, “This says a lot about her longevity and her brand power. To have a company like Porsche that is so high-end and so meticulous to allow her to stand next to their car says a lot”.

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