Ali Larter Microsoft

Actress Ali Larter and Microsoft

Actress, Chef and Author Ali Larter teams up with Microsoft 365!

“Heroes” actress shares with other busy moms how Microsoft’s product help organize her life!

Ali Larter, a mom found keeping her day to day life organized very difficult.  Being so busy, adding the role of mom of an active 2 year old and her own career responsibilities became overwhelming.  Additionally, Larter found that when she shared her feelings of being overwhelmed her friends and family members not only understood but shared their own anxieties about their difficulty in staying organized.  So, Larter was hired by Microsoft as their celebrity spokesperson to work with their Microsoft 365 team to assist her in organizing her schedules, emails, lists and contacts in one place.  Larter found out that “technology can help women make better use of their time”.  She went on to say that “Microsoft 365 took minutes to learn and quickly became the crux of me taking back control of my life”.

Ali Larter has also released a cookbook, Kitchen Revelry.  The book was written completely on Microsoft Word and helped Larter start the process of understanding how to most effectively to utilize Microsoft 365.  More details are at