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Is It Time to Consider an Olympic Athlete as a Motivational Speaker or Spokesperson?

In fact, the timing couldn’t be better! We are 6 months from lighting the torch in Rio 2016 and this Olympic Games may be one of the most visually stunning games in recent history. The backdrop of the South American behemoth, Brazil and the glorious city of Rio will juxtapose the Olympics in a glow that few cities have.

All Olympic Games have their challenges whether it is the purity of the water or the conflict with the host country’s citizens wondering if the money to build stadiums couldn’t be better spent on social programs? All very valid questions but the decision was made and I am going to Rio!

We are fielding calls on almost a daily basis for companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies for consulting and advice on who and how much for an Olympic icon, medalist or hopeful to be part of their 2016 marketing or corporate event. The magnitude of the amazing athletes that are available from the eternal icons like Mark Spitz or say a Dominique Dawes, Dara Torres, Amanda Beard or Nastia Liukin. All of these amazing icons are incredible keynote speakers and corporate spokespeople. Then there are Olympic gold medalist who are chasing their dream all over again such as beach volleyball titan, Phil Dalhausser. He is joined in the hottest sport in Rio by Olympian and Cancer survivor Jake Gibb, his partner Casey Patterson and Phil’s teammate Nick Lucena. Don’t forget Emily Day as she pairs with Silver Medalist Jen Kessey to make a run on Copa Cabana beach or Summer Ross who is thought of as the future of beach volleyball. And on and on and on.

No matter what sport, which athlete or whether they are competing or not, let us help you make your next event or marketing/PR campaign a huge success. With 20+ years in working with over 300 Olympians/Medalist who have won over 150 medal we consider ourselves the foremost authorities on Olympic talent in the world!

If your budget is $2,500 to 100,000+, we can provide you insight into who is hot and what sports are blowing up going into Rio 2016. The time is right, the price is right, now are you ready? Contact me immediately at: