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Why Every Start-Up, Small Business and Entrepreneurial Company Needs a Celebrity and/or Social Media Star!


Who gives a shit. I have no conflict of interest anymore than a cardiologist does in promoting a low fat, low sugar, low sodium meal plan! Everyone has to stop with the bullshit about spending more time on motive and less time on what is being said! Here is what I know and can prove:

  1. I have spent 22+ years working with small businesses, emerging companies and now crowdfunded start-ups that are looking to differentiate and excel at revenue generation. Having a spokesperson who is a celebrity or one or more social media star influencers bringing their audience to your brand or product, works! PERIOD!
  2. Now like picking a spouse, that is the hard part. If 67% of all marriages end in divorce sadly most of the people reading this made a mistake even if you have great kids! I see a lot of this in the celebrity acquisition market as well. You have to do your homework, know your audience and know the celebrity/influencer’s audience as well.
  3. Don’t just buy a celebrity or social media star based on their enormous follower base or popularity in the media. That does not guarantee success and in many ways may only solidify a huge mistake that can sap your liquidity and FAST! You have to crunch the data! What does engagement look like? Have the celebrity or social media influencer ever sold anything before? If so, what was it, how does the price points compare, what or where did it sell? Direct response/infomercial? At retail? Amazon? So many questions. But that’s what we do at CelebExperts. We consult, answer questions and solve problems!

Low budget? So what!

“But Evan, I am a small company and I don’t have a lot of money.” I mean I ‘ve never run into a company that said to me “we have more money than G-d and don’t know where or how to spend it all.” HAHA. That never happens. Like pants, there are sizes and styles for everyone. That, I am sure of.

If you’re on the fence, unsure or unclear on how a celebrity/social media star can impact your business, contact me! It is that simple. My team and I will provide you the essential information to make a very intelligent decision. I will leave you with one sobering thought. If you don’t hurry and get off the pot, I assure you that your competition is evaluating the same proposition and if they get the celebrity or influencer you want, you will kick yourself. I just had that happen recently and trust me, it sucks!