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The New Age Of Inventors!

As I prepare to attend the Inpex Inventors Show in Pittsburgh, PA next week I was thinking about how inventors have changed over a very short period of time. Historically you would think of Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Henry Ford, the Wright Bros., and many others iconic inventors.

Inventors like the Wright Bros below were visionaries who had a steadfast passion for solving problems and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.   And thank goodness for these lions of innovation.

Today the landscape is so much different for inventors on many different levels.  There are just a sheer explosion of inventors around the world working to solve many of the similar problems, just in different ways.  The internet has also enhanced how inventors have gone about finding solutions.   The most significant development in 100 years for inventors has been the ability to monetize a great idea.  The cost and ease of finding off-shore manufacturing has exploded.  The speed an inventor can bring a product to market has never been shorter.

The following are 5 reasons why now is the best time in history to be an inventor!

5. Laws to protect patents have never been stronger

4. The global manufacturing base in Asia, South America and even the U.S. has never been more competitive and understanding of the price pressures and delivery requirements in the market, as it is now.

3. Social Media offers even the smallest inventor the opportunity to present themselves like a much larger company.  Brand ambassador programs for emerging companies are inexpensive and easy to aggregate.

2. Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity At Inpex, George Foreman will be the keynote speaker.  Foreman, former world Heavyweight champion in boxing, Olympic gold medalist and mega star entrepreneur has been hired to share his story of success and failure as he tried several times to be an inventor/entrepreneur.  Only when he was introduced to the indoor cooking product that became the George Foreman Grill, did he strike it big!  Foreman is the poster child for every inventor tooling around in their basement or barn!

1. Crowdfunding!  Access to money has always been the stranglehold of the inventor class.  But with the advent of crowdfunding, the entrepreneurial inventor can now find their audience and pre-sell millions of dollars of product and show proof of cause all in the same execution.

As I walk the Inpex Inventors Show next week I will feel like some of the iconic inventors will be looking down smiling, proud that what they started has grown on so many different levels.   Inventors solve problems, employee citizens and generate wealth.   I am quite sure if the round table in Pittsburgh included Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla and the Wright Bros., the lively conversation would center around how ginormous the opportunity is today for inventors to be industry leaders!

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