Our Top 5 Small Cities For Corporate Events


It is easy to focus on corporate entertainment events in the nation’s largest cities such as New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas or Denver, but what if you are looking for a small city that will have all of the amenities, hotel space, intangibles and airport to support your corporate event?

How do you define a small city? Under 2.5 million residents? Under 1 million residents? Under 500,000 residents? Or is your search for a city that has a feel more so than a number of residents? Tough questions for event planners, logistic experts and corporate communications specialist.

I have been to events all over the world and in some very cool places including a castle, government headquarters and sports arenas to name a few. I love the charm of a small city and the feeling that you aren’t at just another event. The following are my Top 5 Small Cities For Corporate Entertainment Events:

5.  Vail, Colorado

4. La Jolla, California

3. Madison, Wisconsin

2.  Charleston, SC

1.  Tampa, FL

Of this group, Tampa has the best airport overall, with a number of major cities around it with flights across the country. The convention and visitor’s bureau in Tampa in conjunction with the sports council are probably some of the most experienced, willing partners you will find. Their knowledge of the region, the depth of their relationships and the size of their rolodex across every imaginable category is impressive.

When it comes to activities outside of your event, convention or sales meeting, Tampa has a wealth of things to do both indoors and out. Additionally, the city has a multitude of mid to upper end chain and sole proprietor restaurants covering the spectrum of palates.

Charleston, Madison, La Jolla and Vail are as diverse as your group of attendees. There is a little something for everyone. Mountains, beach, college town and uber cool. They all have their own charm and certain challenges. I would say that events with less than 500 people attending would be best served by these cities. So when you are making decisions on where to have your next event maybe one of these cities interests you in a way it had not in the past.

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