How Has Podcasting Changed Business Communications Forever?

I am not sure when was the first time I actually downloaded a podcast but I assure you, it wasn’t all that long ago. I found myself intrigued by the self creation of many podcasters’ downloadable brands. When you go to the iTunes store or podbean.com, you find some really well produced shows podcasting on every aspect of the human condition.

My company put out a press release about utilizing celebrities and small business several weeks ago. I was contacted by the founder of Monday Morning Radio about being on his podcast. I have been interviewed by the NY Times, Sports Illustrated, the USA Today, most of the major networks, etc., but I have never done a podcast interview. So I was intrigued. After doing the podcast, I was impressed not just with the host but the immediacy of me being contacted by companies who were interested in working with me and my company.

Within 15 minutes of going live, I had received leads from South Africa, UK and the USA. WOW. The lightbulb went off in my head. If podcasts have this type of immediate impact, why not start my own podcast and control the message, the guests and the opportunity? Well needless to say, it always sounds easier than it actual is but I am someone who rarely gets dissuaded from doing what I really want to.

I enlisted a business partner, Charlie Fusco from Synergixx who has previous podcasting experience with Forbes Riley the famous pitchwomen. Charlie owns a production company and knows how to edit so well she surely could make a neophyte like me even sound intelligent! So I engaged Charlie and to my surprise, she thought it was a good idea. We conceptualized a title, focus and execution for this idea! We decided to call it CEO Powercast and focus on the entrepreneurial CEO.

While we are only into our 3rd podcast, I can say the traffic to listen has been incredible, the feedback has been telling and the number of people reaching out congratulating Charlie and I has been overwhelming. While Charlie and I have great chemistry, I think the topics we touch upon and the manner unto we do it, defines the podcast.

The depth we can go to in discussing topics such as social media marketing, taking in outside investment, overcoming obstacles, the mindset of an entrepreneur, how to overcome significant mistakes and so many other hot topics makes the podcast relevant and timely. While traditional media certainly outpaces the audience for podcasters, there is no where in traditional media such a substantial amount of time is being dedicated to the issues that we discuss on CEO Powercast!

If you have a topic you would like Charlie and I to consider or know of a great entrepreneurial CEO with an incredible story, please contact me at!