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5 Tips On How to Utilize LinkedIn to Make Big Money

I spend 5 hours a day on Linkedin! OK, I said it and I am not afraid of what others think. LinkedIn has become the best co-worker I have ever employed. LinkedIn is never late, never talks back, is full of useful ideas and ultimately, I make money with Linkedin all the time.

Many people suffer through LinkedIn and the numerous requests that come along with it. Some people utilize LinkedIn just for hiring interns and employees. While others utilize Linkedin to stay connected to former colleagues and college friends.

The following are 5 Tips on how I utilize Linkedin to make Big Money ($)!

5.  Create A LinkedIn Group! Why? Because if you develop your own platform and forum, you control the message and the messengers! You approve and curate the conversation. Does the term “shooting fish in a barrel” come to mind? Own this opportunity. There truly is no better place than LinkedIn to do this. Plus if you are an emerging entrepreneur like me, you appreciate the ability to develop a community of successful people in all walks of life.

4.  Export Contacts For Direct Mail Campaign: This is a far too under-utilized DR execution. It’s not easy, but nothing worth doing is! Start mining your own sales patch!

3.  Post Industry Focused Content, Like Others Content and Share! Build a community of pros that look at you as someone in the know. They far more likely to want to work with someone that is knowledgeable and tapped into industry leading insights!

2.  Have A Voice, Write A Blog! I can’t even begin to share with you the level of conversation and new business development I do day in and day out from people who say, “hey, I just read your blog, do you have a moment to chat about something I am struggling with”? Um, YESSSS! That is the proverbial HOME RUN! Being an industry leader comes with having a voice! There is no better place than LinkedIn!

1.  Build The Type Of Brand Someone Wants To Work With Or Buy! LinkedIn gives every entrepreneur and small business owner the ability to create a world-class brand for all to see. If you want to spend the time! Both visually and through the type of quality information you put out there! Also, LinkedIn gives you access to hundreds of groups and thought leaders. Pulse is amazing!

Ultimately, it is up to each business owner to decide how they portray themselves and their company. LinkedIn is a tool. The ability to make money utilizing this incredible tool is there for everyone. You just need to overcome the fear and assess the risk. LinkedIn is a money tree and you need to shake it really hard to get the money to fall from the branches!