Celebrities May Sue Google Over Leaked Photos

When it comes to celebrities building their brand and image, nothing could be more detrimental than the release of nude photos without their consent. While some celebrities will utilize this “tactic” for fame and fortune, the vast majority of celebrities shutter to think about that day when they get a call or see intimate images of themselves online at www.tmz.com now available worldwide. celebrities-endorsements

Some celebrities such as Paris HiltonPamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have benefited greatly by the exposure. But in this newest scandal, many others have now bonded together in discussions about potential security breaches and Google’s liability in the unlawful release of intimate images.

Publicists are usually the big winners in these scenarios because if your private pictures are exposed, you call your mother first and your publicist next! That is Hollywood 101!

You would think it is common sense not to take and share such intimate images if you are famous. But the ease of accessibility and the level of unfounded confidence in the security of people’s computer or handheld device is completely unwarranted. The point is, DON’T DO IT!

We advise brands all the time that you can only vet so much. We can never know what is in someone’s heart or their smart phone. And for these two reasons, the industry of Celebrity Acquisition will always have an association with the news of the day when the public becomes aware that their iconic celebrity is unfortunately only human and open to making bad mistakes like the rest of us.

Whether Google is liable or not is neither my expertise or my business, but what is paramount to me as I think through this predicament is that celebrities need to remember the age old adage, THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU HIT SEND!

Everyone deserves the right of privacy! There are cowards and demented people on the internet trolling to make a name for themselves amongst their peers. So its incumbent on famous people and your average joe alike to just be aware, be smart and next time you have the urge to share something sensitive, do it in person or use FedEx!