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The CelebExperts Guide to Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding, when executed correctly, can be a game changer for any business. That is what drives us here at CelebExperts every day – the chance to create something monumental with your business.


Working with a celebrity may sound risky, but that’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it? You’re a risk taker, and celebrity branding is worth the risk. Now more than ever, celebrity endorsements are within reach for companies across the board, big and small. We’ve all heard the saying, “Live within your means”, well, the same goes for celebrity acquisition. Celebrity endorsements are meant to help your company, not run you dry.

CelebExperts classifies our clients into three separate tiers. The bottom tier has a budget below $50,000, the middle tier ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 and the top tier has a budget of $100,000 or more. Businesses working with budgets below $50,000 need to be mindful of the fact that LeBron James, no matter how badly you want his face on your advertisements, is out of your price range. Those working with $50,000 or more have a better chance of securing bigger names on an exponential scale. There are plenty of influential athletes and celebrities that will fit in your unique budget, but again, work within your means.

Finding the right celebrity fit for your business is the name of the game, no matter who you speak to at CelebExperts. It is a blatant waste of your resources to throw money at a celebrity who does not strategically match your product or brand. It’s a partnership, not a one-way street. If a spokesperson does not believe in the product or what the brand stands for, expect failure.

For us here at CelebExperts, corporate consulting is all about getting to know you, the client, and understanding your industry and your competitors. CelebExperts has created a unique agency environment where we strive to be more than just  an outsourcer of talent like some of the bigger agencies in NYC and LA.

When it comes to actually hiring a celebrity, logistics are critical to success. The following is a step-by-step guide to hiring, interacting with and utilizing your celebrity spokesperson that CelebExperts is happy to help you navigate:

  1. Gut check time. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to deal with the celebrity’s agent, manager, publicist and/or arrogant attorney? We do! These “support staff” herd like water buffalo, come with their own staff and eventually turn into 99% of the celebrity’s entourage. Treat them nicely, feed them and keep your hands away from their mouths.
  1. Make sure you are dealing directly with the celebrity’s REAL representatives, not some agency claiming they represent them. How do you know what your proposed celebrity spokesperson will cost? Great question. We know how to find that answer… Do you? Does your agency? Are you sure? You better be!
  1. Create a grid of opportunities to execute your plan. What is the scope of work for your new celebrity spokesperson? PR? Appearances at industry trade shows? Sales meetings? Social Media? Traditional media/TV/Print, etc., In-Store POP/POS? All these elements come at a cost. Know what you want so you can evaluate what you can afford.
  1. Deadlines are DEADLINES. Stick to them! When do you need the celebrity to shoot? How long do you need them for per day? What does your PR plan call for? Where is the event you are having your Celebrity spokesperson speak? Everything needs to happen on schedule.
  1. Circling the wagons: At the end of the day, does your staff have the capacity to direct and control such an elaborate strategy with a celebrity spokesperson? Maybe in part, but CelebExperts was created to take the stress out of the celebrity acquisition and branding process.

Celebrity branding has an array of meanings; it can be as simple as a promotional tweet to a full-on promotional campaign.  Different avenues of celebrity endorsements target different audiences, and it’s our job to help you find just how a celebrity can best benefit your business.

You’re a risk taker, and so are we. Celebrity branding is and always will be one of the driving factors behind the sell-through of products for businesses. A celebrity has the potential to expand brand awareness and interact with your target demographic in ways other marketing efforts never will. Quit settling for good enough, and let CelebExperts show you what your business can do with a famous celebrity fronting your next campaign!

About CelebExperts

CelebExperts is a leading consulting firm dedicated to demystifying the celebrity acquisition process and finding creative solutions to effectively market your brand leveraging the power of a celebrity. For more information on how your brand could utilize a celebrity talent as a spokesperson or for any upcoming marketing campaigns please contact our team at or give us a call at (919)459-5426.