Speaking Engagments

An Executive’s View From Life on the Road!

Speaking EngagmentsIt never ends.   I have been to every state in the US.  I have been to five (5) Olympic Games.  I have been to four (4) continents.  And it never ceases to amaze me how we function on the road: we — as in you and me — and everyone else that is successful.  We all do it.  It’s now not just a lifestyle requirement to be successful in marketing and sales but it has morphed into an addiction.   You think that is a strong word, addiction?

How else could I justify missing so many of my kids’ birthdays, school functions, sporting events and every other mundane requirement that most parents fulfill?  Yes, yes, I know we all try our best and justify it because the business requires us to be at this “huge trade show” or that meeting “I have to run” or any of the other excuses we make.  They are excuses.  Not that you should stay home and be glued to your desk, a servant to the average life that others live but you don’t have any desire to.

Simple answer:  YOU ARE AN ADDICT.  I get it.  There should be a 12-step program for those of us global travelers that just don’t know how to get off the road.  We know that the airlines, car-rental and hotel companies are facilitators.  The travel infrastructure lives and breathes because executives like me have this need to be on the road.  We are very productive, don’t get me wrong.  It is never about our ability to produce.  It is always the question of motive and opportunity.  There is always a reason and always somewhere to go.  I have never longed for the day I had somewhere to go.  I have a hit list of places to go and reasons to be there.

I could go to Los Angeles to discuss celebrity acquisition with many of the talent agents that represent stars big and emerging who want to do endorsements, have their clients booked for speaking engagements or part of celebrity PR campaigns.

Or maybe I go to Chicago because of all the CPG companies that are there thinking about their celebrity consumption plans for television campaigns, new store openings at their retail partners or social media stars delivering their branded content messages in droves.  You see, I can go anywhere at anytime and be relevant.

My cross to bear is that I am struggling with my need to produce and my need to travel.   I have run miles in countries all over the world.  I have dined with famous people and sports icons.  I have had cocktails with many of the world’s top corporate executives.   So many executives are like me: focused on the many hurdles to help drive their businesses to new heights while balancing  their home life.  I hope in the end my life doesn’t end up like the famous 1970’s classic “Cat’s In The Cradle.”   If you have never heard it and you travel like I do with a family at home, listen to the words and never assume they are only for “them.”  My friend, they are for you!