Celebrity + Social Media = Big Revenue For Small Business?

According to CelebExperts President and CEO Evan Morgenstein, established brands aren’t the only ones who could benefit from a celebrity social media campaign.

There is a common fallacy that small businesses can’t afford or scale up to utilize a celebrity spokesperson. Well I say that is utter crap. It is usually  your “business advisors” and/or spouses that put the opportunity to press your foot on the gas on hold! Fear runs rampant for small business entrepreneurs, but to be truly successful, you must turn that fear into manageable risk and face it head on.

Hiring a famous celebrity is an art not a science, and we are very skilled artists! CelebExperts Small Business helps emerging businesses focus on assessing their needs and paints a realistic picture of opportunities based on the company’s finances and ability to budget whatever funds required to secure a well-known celebrity whether it be a sports star, actor, reality star, celebrity chef and the list goes on. CE Small Biz continues to plow forward for crowd funded to  “Shark Tank” sized companies and beyond.

Every entrepreneur will inevitably face moments of indecision when it comes to making big moves for the future of their business. CE Small Biz de-mystifies the process, the cost and the execution for you! One of the best ways to get your feet wet in the Celebrity “game”, is to hire a famous celebrity with vast social media influence. CelebExperts can develop a list of celebrities that would utilize their social media to share either a comment, post, picture or video associated with the product, service, company and/or brand. These intimate celebrity engagements with fans are a terrific way to show retailers, on-line merchants and consumers that you mean business and in the world of cluttered shelves, you are ready to stand out!

Everyone wants to know what a “post” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube and Vine, etc., will cost. There are usually no rate cards to offer guidance in this case. CE Small Biz operates with supreme confidence that our small business consulting team can aggregate huge audiences for any corporate client. We created this small business consulting division with the hope that we can start a new dialogue on how to take small businesses from good to great and generate huge sales revenues with our  intelligent, step-by-step system to approaching celebrity acquisition. Start small and scale huge!