6 Tips on How a Celebrity Social Media Influencer Can Build Your Brand (and sales too)!

The noise..  There is so much of it. Traditional advertising. Direct response. Email Spam. Being Cookie’d. Everyone “knowing” my search habits, my buying habits, my sleep patterns, ahhhhhh!!!!!!

With all of this clutter and the never ending work day, how are brands going to impact their consumer and anyone with a predisposition to engage the conversation before they plunk their credit card or Apple Pay to purchase something? Well, for my money, I say go through a very in-depth analysis of who your consumer is, what are the psychographics that make them who they are and therefore a good match for your brand/product/service and engage a celebrity influencer in an integrated social media campaign.

The market is so influx when it pertains to social media influence and celebrities! It is moving a mile a minute. Fact is, a year ago, all the rage in most agency and client offices were, “Get me that celebrity with the huge follower base”. 6 months ago it was, “Get me that celebrity with the huge number of likes on their posts”. OK… Today, it is “I need ENGAGEMENT”! Let it be said, let it be done..

Engagement is the name of the game. So, no longer is it the size of your audience but knowing how to engage them to consume your content and pass it along to others on their own social media universe. So the quality of content, the authenticity of the content and the manner in which it is shared all matters now more than ever.

The following are 6 tips on how a celebrity social media star can help build your brand and assist in selling your product:

1.  Let your celebrity influencer do what they do best! The celebrity know’s their fan base. They understand who they are and why they follow them in droves. Don’t try and re-engineer this relationship. Let the celebrity create the content, develop the strategy that is authentic and feels comfortable for them!

2. Remember, Social Media is a Consumer 2 Consumer (C2C) more than a Business 2 Consumer (B2C) environment! This is a hard lesson to learn for any agency head or brand manager over 30 years old. The old way of doing things (like 3 years ago) was always B to C. And push the pedal to the medal and bully the customer to do what you want. The push is so much more nuanced now!

3. Influence the Influencers! Every celebrity social media star has huge influence over a subset of smaller influencers that reach different segments of their own audience of a similar demographic. So utilize your celebrity influencer to call out those other influencers and build a unique program that creates exclusive content for the biggest of the influencers the celebrity has access to. Watch your program go viral and reap the rewards!

4. Build your brand by making the celebrity the face of the campaign! If you are going to invest in an influencer of any note, take that next step and make them the face of the campaign. Don’t shy away from this commitment. I have found the more engaged the celebrity is, the more emphasis and focus they will shine on your program. Relationship building with your celebrity social media influencer is very important. Don’t make them feel like they are a commodity but they are the Queen of England… Get it, there is only one of them! Special, appreciated. People are still people and they react to impulses they develop based on the relationship that is fostered by you and your team!

5. Grow your database, no celebrity engagement lasts forever! What is hot today, may not be tomorrow and this is very true for influencers. Yet, you very well might want to still engage an influencer’s audience. By bolstering your database through various engagement techniques with your celebrity influencer’s audience, you can grow your internal marketing, branding and sales opportunities by effectively managing your own database.

6. Know what social media platform works best for you! Every company has a more dominant social media platform than others. If you are generating sales or engagement on SnapChat vs Twitter or Instagram vs Facebook, then invest in a celebrity social media star in that platform. Don’t try and be all things to all people. Build a great program on one social media platform and experiment with others. To know what works for you, will help you differentiate which social media stars you should vet, engage and ultimately hire!

There is a celebrity social media influencer for EVERY company. Big or small. No matter what the category or type of product or service. At CelebExperts, we have managed to assist companies from crowdfunded to Fortune 100 companies find what they are looking for and assist with the development of a plan that can be effectively leveraged to help achieve their goals. Anyone can hire a celebrity social media star, very few can hire the right one!