CES 2016

What Were The Top 3 Trending Categories at CES 2016?

Now that I have enjoyed some time away from the smoke filled casinos, long taxi lines and never ending bad blue blazers of CES 2016, I felt I needed to reflect on what was trending at the show.

I am always amazed at how the Consumer Electronics Show continues to grow not just in size but in new industries and as they say, “connecting the dots” of mankind’s thirst for living a more fulfilling life through technological advancements.

As I trolled each and every aisle (no small matter as you know if you have every made the show), I was struck by three industries in different levels of accomplishment and some very interesting people with incredible stories. Here are my top 3 trends from CES 2016:

1. Robotics: I am not going to lie, I am 50 and worked in technology for 10+ years and I am not sure what I make of a robot walking my dog, mopping my floor or doing my laundry. But I guess if they don’t talk back or leave a trail of oil on my white rugs, why not right? Seriously, I was floored by so many of the innovative ways companies are envisioning robots participating in our lives. At first blush, they would seem to be a hindrance and require an entire level of maintenance and attention much like a child or a pet. But upon speaking with several inventors, I think I can conceptually see how this would work in my life. I think there is a lot to be done regarding functionality and size of the robots but it is coming and soon.

2.  Connected Living: This is an aaaahh haaa moment for me. It seems so simple and basic yet when you think about the practical application of being able to address or even pre-address so much of our lives from our handheld devices, smartphones, tablets, etc., it’s awe-inspiring. There are too many applications to go over all of them but I felt the ability to run and control your home remotely was the most fascinating to me. Whether it was starting an oven, turning on or off the alarm system, connectivity to the local 1st responders in your community and so many other elements tied to a family’s safety, I felt really inspired.

3. Child safety bands: Truly one company stood out amongst all the rest,ChildAngel powered by Intel. There were many reasons including the association with Intel, but what stood out most to me was the founder Andrew Purcell. A UK citizen, former wealthfund executive, Andrew lost his son. The pain and sorrow that I still see in his eyes this many years later, resonated with me beyond authentic, but parent to parent, dad to dad, human to human. He doesn’t trade on his loss, he has stood up to try and help anyone else to avoid suffering the unimaginable pain he and his family have endured. I sat there listening to him in slow motion as I reflected on watching my son go head first in a lake as a 4 year old only to disappear in the cloudy dark water. I dove in that lake and fished my boy out. Andrew never had that same chance. Typing this, I am hard pressed not to tear up. I respect innovation and progress. But when you tie that to helping those in most need of our help, that to me should be applauded and supported.

Thanks Andrew. You made my trip to a soulless city like Las Vegas where so much of what goes on their I despise, into a journey into my own heart and soul. You are a great man and you have a great future helping millions of other parents!