I Should Have Been A Director!


Last week I was in gorgeous Ventura, California on a secretive commercial shoot for a new campaign in the personal care sector. There is nothing I love more than the creative process of getting the most out of a celebrity on-camera especially when they want you to make them look great.

I wasn’t the director, even better, I was the agent and I was involved in every shot. Every take. Every discussion. I have been to many TV commercial shoots where the director’s ego was bigger than the set we were shooting on. This definitely was not the case on this production. After doing this for 25+ years I have finally come to the conclusion that most directors are as insecure as the talent they belittle for what they aren’t doing, mostly because of poor and unclear direction.

So we are shooting at the beach with my client and we just were not capturing the vision. So I grab my client for a quick chat. I share with her that she is thinking this through too deeply instead of just reacting to the moment and going with her instincts. I told her to be confident that she was here for a reason and that no one in the World could do this better than her.

We go back to shooting and it is like she morphed into this tiger. She was so good, so spot on. The director looked at me and his instincts were to question why I am yelling direction from the side but he saw my client reacting to what I said so he let me continue on.

If you have never been on a TV commercial shoot, its something you would be amazed by. The electricity, the creativity, the intensity all culminate in this 30 or 60 second commercial which if done well, can change the fortunes of a company and/or brand forever.

I think more than ever before I realize that there are so many things any individual could be great at if only either given the chance or if the individual takes the risk. I love what I do but I often wonder if there isn’t something more creative out there for me. Last week, I felt like I got that. I don’t want to change what I do, I love it. But every now and then, it is really exciting to be part of someone else’s “everyday”.

I suggest everyone experience that if only once. Might change a lot about how you view your abilities and your future.

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